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To be a fuckboy (or fuckboi, or fuccboi, etc.) is to value fucking above all, especially personal connection or commitment, such that you reliably disappoint any lover by ignoring them except under the horniest of conditions, with the bulk of your energy spent on the project of fucking many other, different people. Once a sexual relationship is attained, the fuckboy will put the bare minimum into sustaining that avenue of pleasure while cultivating the next, hoping in all for a casual harem to cycle through as he likes.
“Fuckboy” is a useful term in that it describes a common type at large in Tinderized hookup culture. It abolishes the fuckboy’s vagaries — he’s “busy,” or “going through a lot right now,” or “not ready for anything serious” — as a smokescreen for his habit of thinking entirely with his dick. It nails him to the wall when he’s used to squirming free. He resents having his behavior summarized so bluntly, of course…


It seems straight women on Tinder have recently discovered this concept.  And straight men apparently are pissed of at being discovered playing their lame game.They are pissed off at women for calling bullshit on men's approach to trying to get a lot of sex while avoiding any commitment and have tried to divert the blame. To add insult to injury, they call women sluts for doing exactly what THEY are doing: sleeping with several men while looking for a relationship. The difference I see if that the straight fuccboi does NOT want to find a mate: that's his MO.

As a gay man, I think that I have met many men who could be considered fuccbois: they would go after you until you have sex with them and then they'll proceed to ignore you except when they're very horny. All they while dedicating their time to fucking many, many other men. They basically think with their dicks. Their lives are, essentially, a sketychysex screenplay: you are wanted as long as their dicks are hard. No other kind of contact needed.

The fuckboi is then not an entirely straight phenomenon, and I think I share the same level of annoyance that girls on Tinder feel. Fuccbois irk me. Let's see: the fuccboi would pursue you until you give it up. Then, after some (hopefully good) sex, he'd  become more scarce and maybe outright ghost you, if you get to question your relationship or his motives. That sounds like every other Grindr hookup, right?
Of course, this is not an indictment on hooking up or even being a slut. Those are traditions we keep in the gay agenda and I stand firmly by them. Straight people have discovered there's life after hooking up and that's why we got Tinder. Duh.

The thing is, the fuccboi on Grindr would also easily turn around and blame YOU for being a whore who's sleeping around. Especially if you are a bottom. Oh yes. The old 'I know you are but what am I' kind of twisted logic that absolute tools use to explain everything that's wrong about themselves. Some men on Grindr (and Hornet, and Growlr, and BoAhoy and every other hookup app) would absolutely complain about all the whores they're always seeing on their little screen because they're always there. Just. Like. Them.

 And this happens because you know the fuccboi is allergic to being called on his bullshit. He knows that he's totally not interested in you and he only wants to get off. And you may be available. He's basically prepared the terrain to get you fed up so you stop seeing him and when you do stop texting or call him on his bullshit he turns around and complains about YOU. But wait, the most probable outcome is that in a few weeks, you'll get that 'bing!' in your app and who would it be but the fuccboi. He'll be online, sending you a dick pic and asking you if you're free. As if nothing has happened. Because you are not the problem. The problem is him. Him and his lack of awareness and his immature attempts at establishing any kind of connection with another human being that lasts longer than an orgasm.

Have a fuccboi problem? The solution is simple: DTMFA.



  1. OMB, str8 guys are so THIS! when I was single (back when dinosaurs roamed), all they wanted was a fuck. my response? call 1-800-rent-a-ho, cause I ain't no ho.

    this also explains all the incels (involuntary celebates) among the MAGA crowd.

    we women REFUSE to be used and abused!

  2. Men need to get over it. If its good enough for the goose, then it's good enough for the gander too. Some straight men could stand to be knocked down a peg or three.

  3. Ah, the “Sup?” crowd. So glad that period is behind me. Not that it wasn’t useful when I first got on the apps. But you soon learn who the users are and, unless your desperate, you begin to ignore their requests.

    Thanks for a trip down memory lane, babe.

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨


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