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I like sucking dick.

And I keep wondering why is it such an insult to call a man 'cocksucker'. I take it as a compliment, because everything I do I try to do very, very well. I think it has to do with the fact that usually a blow job starts with one man standing and the other on his knees. Or one man laying down and the other ministering to his dick. And that's what many consider a subservient position, something that an Alpha male would not do. It also implies that one man is stronger/ more powerful than the other. Also, one man is 'servicing' the other -something that's a trope in gay porn, with a 'gay' man servicing a 'straight' man- and that is also considered somehow debasing and/or denigrating and it apparently turns some men on. Because 'real' men don't do that? What fresh hell? It may be fragile masculinity, hard at work yet again.

I have heard the term 'cocksucker' being screamed at me from passing cars (I was holding someone's hand, not sucking his dick) and I have heard it used as en expletive when some guy has dome some stupid/dumb/aggravating thing (when there are so many other expletives much more appropriate for that). Why the animosity towards something that feels so good? Why the badmouthing of something that so many men consider a gift? One man was impeached for it. Am I missing something? Isn't fellatio something many men really enjoy when someone does it to them? I should know. Something that usually is foreplay but that can turn out so well that it becomes the main event? I think it has to do with the fact that some men consider being vulnerable in front of another man with their face on his crotch a humiliation. And those men are usually straight or are men who deep down would really like to get some good head. It may be because cocksucking has been relegated to being the last resort of drunk frat boys and closeted men that need a quick release. So it's become a punchline because men feel torn about it? They like it so much that they kind of look down on it?

I don't consider sucking cock something that makes it (or me) 'less than'. I like giving you head. I like the view from down there. I like your strong legs spread open. I like it when you move your hips to meet my mouth. I like it when you put your hand in the back of my head to hold me there just a few more seconds. I like your fingers in my hair. I like it when you close your eyes and throw your head back because what I'm doing to you feels very good.

Why, I ask, is considered sucking another man's dick 'subservient'? When I'm sucking your dick, your pleasure is in my hands (my mouth, but let's not split hairs). The moment my tongue gets in touch with your cock, sensations fill your head. It's that warm, wet suction what makes you catch your breath for a second. When I'm sucking your dick, I'm in control of your pleasure. I can decide if I go fast, or slow. If I suck or I lick. If I jerk you off at the same time that I lick you or if I deepthroat you. I am the one who decides if I make it just wet or very slippery. I am the one who's got a very sensitive part of you under my control. Your pleasure is mine to give.

When I'm giving you a blow job, it's the sensation of a tongue and lips on one of your most sensitive organs what makes you close your eyes and concentrate on what you're feeling. Your dick automatically gets really hard and your hips move almost on their own. Does that sound like I'm doing something that's insulting? I may be on my knees in front of you, but I am definitely the one making your toes curl with every lick, every sucking sound, every pushing downy throat of your hard dick. You may make me gag a little, but it's all for your pleasure.

I like going down your Hampton Wick. I especially like it when you moan and groan and catch your breath while I'm enjoying you. I like it when you tell me 'suck that dick', because I'm more than happy to oblige. And I like those last moments when you are about to lose control and your breath becomes labored and you get really hard and then you start to cum. I don't see anything denigrating in making you cum. Or licking it all up. And I like the afterwards, when you look me en the eyes and you kiss me. Because that tells me that even though you were looking down a few moments before, right now we are at the same level. As it should be.

Heh. And they say 'cocksucker' like it's an insult. Lustful Cockmonster is more like it.



  1. As you said, the one with the real power during a blow job is the giver. He’s the one with a man’s most sensitive and prized possession in a vulnerable situation. And, yes, you do control the action no matter how much I try to direct the action. And I’m alright with that. Because we are equals no matter what is said in the throes of passion. And isn’t that what being a power bottom is all about?

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  2. Well that makes two of us. I have gone 40 minutes already blowing. If the guy has one of those perfect cocks....oh lordy.

  3. Oh my you two?!?!?!?!? Do tell!!!!! I love a nice exotic, erotic story! Sounds like me and Cali Boi.

  4. I've always wondered that, too. It sort of falls into the same category as 'dickhead,' which isn't quite the same as being called a dick because there are some really stupid dicks out there. They always seem to be getting themselves into trouble.

  5. Me ha encantado como has descrito las sensaciones al dar una buena mamada. Yo suelo ser mamado, pero cuando me pongo a mamar, la verdad es que es algo fantástico también, no se puede negar.


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