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"Quem não gostou, paciência"

Pabllo Vittar is beautiful. That's something that jumps at you during the first five seconds of this video. But there seems to be a brain under that beautiful facade. Pabllo, in less than fifteen minutes shows what intersectionality is. He talked about how interlocking power structures impact those most marginalized in a social environment. Something that some American drag queens do not seem to understand. I see you, Miz Cracker. Drag IS political. #eleno

The whole thing seems to be about makeup and being pretty, but soon you discover that there is more to it than meets the eye. Here, we have a quick tutorial on how to get killer eyebrows and also how men of color, and specially queer men of color in a third world country are seen by the rest of the world. Something that some people really don't get because intersectionality is not their forte. Their privilege makes them blind to the struggles of those not covered by the blanket of homogeneous thought and behavior.

‘This is especially important now, when Jair Bolsonaro (Cheeto’s Brazilian version) has launched an all-out attack against minorities, including LGBT people:

The Associated Press reports:
Newly installed President Jair Bolsonaro targeted Brazil’s indigenous groups, descendants of slaves and the LGBT community with executive orders in the first hours of his administration, moving quickly after a campaign in which the far-right leader said he would radically overhaul many aspects of life in Latin America’s largest nation.
In removing LGBT concerns from the responsibilities of the human rights ministry, Bolsonaro did not name any agency to consider such issues. He has strongly criticized what he calls “gender-based ideology,” saying it is a threat to Brazil’s Christian values.

Nikky Haley, Cheeto's puppet in the UN tweeted her support for Bolsonaro just a few days ago. If people think that's normal, then they are part of the problem. Cheetolini, like every tin can totalitarian, expresses admiration for dictators who do what they long to do. This presidency wishes it were Bolsonaro's presidency. Pure and simple.

It’s incredible how people in Brazil let this happen but hey, we have Cheetolini here in the states.  All in the name of ‘change’, people fuck up other people’s lives. I just can’t.

End of rant. I should have just talked about makeup. Or music.



  1. Loved the clip! I do enjoy Miz Cracker, but do know she can say off the wall things. What did she say now? Looked at thread but didn't see what it was. Also currently alot queens seem to be taking issue with trans girls in drag shows. What's the big deal? Were all one community.


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