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There is no reason to become weak, sobbing, spineless wrecks about this, fellas. It's a commercial and some psychological guidelines for therapists working with men who may have certain issues. If it doesn't apply to you, if you're doing okay, it's not about you! However, if you are Piers Morgan, if you are a participant in one of the many manosphere forums, if you are angrily commenting on YouTube that a razor company is trying to murder you for having big muscles or whatever -- it probably is about you. It probably is affecting your life and the lives of those around you. And you should seek help. For real.


 Apparently hordes of strong, manly men have been reduced to sobbing pools of self-pity because Gillette basically told them not to be dicks. What a surprise. And to think that when I posted on somebody's blog about toxic masculinity they told me that it 'didn't exist'. Hope they feel better now that they have proof that toxic masculinity is alive and melting on social media.

That (inexistent) toxic masculinity is apparently now writhing in agony at the thought of being called on its bullshit. Why, oh, why would anybody call for understanding, peace and equality? Why would anybody think that bullying is bad? That would promoting violence against others pernicious? Who would have thought that getting together with others to incite intolerance is a bad idea? All those poor incels are right now trying to own Gillette by flushing their shaving machines down their toilets. For real.

Who knew?

I don't even use a shaver (I use an electric razor) but now I'll go out and get myself a cute Gillette and use it to shave whatever I want. Because there's no reason not to align myself with a company that promotes understanding and non-violence. I know it's just a commercial. But the same snowflakes that say that boycotting racist cunts who appear on Fox News is useless are now saying they're boycotting Gillette.




  1. gillette has proved its point with this ad. the "men" (and I use that term loosely) getting all hyper about the ad are the toxic freaks that need a kick to the balls.

  2. What;s ironic is that the very men the ad targets are the men freaking out about it.

    And the razor in the toilet is the perfect example.

    Oh, and Piers Morgan can fuck off.

  3. Are you kidding me!!! I heard about this commercial but this is the first time I have watched it. What is everyone getting so upset about??? It's just asking guys who are jerks to stop being jerks! I wasn't offended by anything in there, it didn't say all men are like this. I use that product and will gladly continue. Except down below, nothing sharp is scraping my balls!


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