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Oh, yes. One more of those serials. Told you I was I sucker for all things gay and romantic. I make no excuses. And this one is cute and poignant, at the same time. You know, boy meets boy, boy gets boy, boy loses boy, boy gets boy back. It's a story that has been told (and lived) many times. But it's always new, right?

Of course we don't see that our lives, seen from the outside are as fantastic, or exciting or as magic as these stories. We are too close to our own reality to realize that our lives seem to be just like these scripts brought to life by all these talented people.

One thing though, they score extra points for telling the story of a gay deaf man. And they don't make his being deaf a dramatic point in the saga. Kudos. Representation matters. Waiting for the second season cause that cliffhanger left me wanting more.


p.s. Here. In case youtube gets quirky.


  1. This ...
    "our lives, seen from the outside are as fantastic, or exciting or as magic"
    ... is everything.
    More of us need to know that. Instead of looking out to find 'more' look within, because it's probably already there.

  2. I remember you directing me to this some time ago. It’s a poignant story and the guys are super cute. Thanks for bringing it around again

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍đź’‹‍👨


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