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One day, you will fully celebrate your place in this world. You’ll admire the way the snow numbs your skin, give thanks for the way your head aches after you cry, and praise the way you feel after a sleepless night, simply because you are alive. You’ll savor the joy of rainy days, freshly-picked flowers, and home-cooked meals, fully understanding that you are worthy of experiencing life’s pleasures. You’ll find the courage to persist through your darkest days, remembering that you are brave enough to handle anything life throws your way.

The Truth Is, You Are Enough

I read this and I was thinking about some people I know. And I would like to tell them that they're easy to love. And of course it is hard to get the message across. We can never really know what it is that really happens in other people's lives. Every mind is a world, my grandma used to say. And we don't really know people and all of their circumstances.

But what I know is that I can show them I care. I can try and relate. I may not be in their same situation but I can try and put myself in their shoes for a second and SEE. We can never feel other people's pain or see the world the way they do, but we can certainly stop for a second and recognize that they may need us and see if we are needed. And just be there for them. Sometimes that's enough.

So this post is for them.  Because they are enough. They are easy to love.



  1. We're all in this together and we are far more alike than we are different.

  2. So true, babe. I’m fortunate that I have a pretty decent life: good health, a roof over my head, etc. But I can only imagine what people with depression, chronic pain, dependencies, go through. As the saying goes, “there, but for the grace of god, go I.”

    So when you see someone struggling, take a moment and reflect on your life and, if you can, offer a hand. Sometimes all it takes is being there to listen.

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍đź’‹‍👨

  3. We all want to be accepted...

  4. Sometimes a card received in the mail, a text message, a note left for them to find can be enough to show we care. Its worth the effort.

  5. I love all my gay friends just as they are! don't you dare change a thing!


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