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confirmation bias

The whole Jussie Smollet story has got me down. I even got in an argument with a friend of my one friend who said it was all a hoax the moment it came out. I refused to accept it and thought Jussie was going to provide evidence of the assault.

It seems that we were both confirming our biases. I am willing to believe the worst about any trumpanzee. My friend's friend is a closet racist, so his bias was confirmed too when he was told Jussie was lying. it's called confirmation bias and with Cheeto in the White House it's become less and less difficult to believe that people are racist pieces of shit. I have become accustomed every week for the last two years to being overwhelmed by Wednesday about anything the Cheeto administration has done. Corruption, collusion, racism, lies, obstruction of justice, blood money, blackmail, obfuscation of truth, gaslighting, straw-manning, false equivalencies. The lot. When it's only the middle of the week I'm already exhausted. Numb.

By the end of the week, I don't even know what to believe about the Smollett story. He was ordered to pay a hundred thousand dollars and was ordered to surrender his passport. Media outlets blared to the four winds his mishap with the check he wrote to the purported assailants, there was some information about his phone records, people saw him with the guys in a tv studio... it's too much.

One thing, though. I think that if the story ends up being fabricated (and it may be, of course) Jussie would have caused some significant damage to the public perception of victims of hate crimes. Smollett is both a black man and gay and that was part of the whole problem with the attack. I won't stop believing with people say that they were victims of a hate crime. My first reaction is compassion and shock. I usually tend to believe the victims. Like with Smollet, they are victims unless they are proven liars. But this situation has provoked the racists to point and laugh. Ann Cuntler (typo and it stays) went to say that ALL hate crimes are hoaxes and Cheeto babbled some stupid tweet about it too. Yep, the racist in chief tweeted about an actor in a soap opera.

I can't even. I'm exhausted with this whole thing. There are rumors Mueller will wrap up the investigation soon. Of course the White House is planning on obscuring the findings (when Kenneth Starr made public the most lurid details of the Clinton investigation, natch) but I hope everything comes to light. I hope each and every member of Cheeto's family is indicted of some crime and that the Repugs who have enabled his mental illness to corrupt the country pay too.

Meanwhile, I will keep a sliver of faith and I hope there's somehow another explanation to these events. Smollet went to the set of Empire (I actually watch that show!) and told them he'll prove his innocence. I don't even know what to believe. Or who to believe. It's maddening.



  1. it's very disappointing about jussie. and ann cunter needs to FOAD NOW! and dump needs to GO TO JAIL NOW!

  2. This is so disheartening. Of course people of goodwill will always want to believe the victim. We live in a society that allows the strong and connected to prevail. So yeah, our heart breaks for the injured and we respond accordingly. But you and Trevor have a good point. We need to take a pause and let the story play out. We cannot jump to judgment based on our biases.

    I have no idea what was going through Jussie’s head. But hopefully when someone else is assaulted, we still show the compassion that is needed for the individual and not automatically wonder if this is another Jussie Smollett situation.

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  3. I didn't care if it was a MAGA hat wearing tool, I believed him because I believe victims.
    And I'm not changing now.
    A co-worker said he "always" knew it was a hoax because it happened at 2AM in Chicago on one of the coldest nights ever. So I asked if that meant that ANYONE in Chicago who is beaten, raped,assaulted, robbed at 2AM on a cold night is a liar.
    That shut him up.
    Believe victims. If they prove to be liars, then have that discussion at that time.

  4. I am just crushed over this.

  5. He will claim to be innocent for sometime to come. He will say it so much he will believe it. i have no blind faith in anyone, but then I'm a cynic.


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