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This is how you call out hate.
This is what you do when you have a platform.
This is what activism looks like.
This is how you use your privilege.

We all know the Devil's Butler is a hateful human being. Very few people call him on his hatred in public.

Kudos to Ellen Page. And if you haven't seen her GAYCATION series, go ahead and treat yourself to a healthy dose of reality. I especially recommend the Brasil one.
Hats off to her for having more balls than half of the government of the United States and 90% of the celebrities that kowtow to bigotry and hatred in the name of 'politeness'.

Fuck hate.
Fuck Mike Pence.

probably mike pence's inner dialogue

not mike pence but this probably happens.

again, not mike pence but he fucking wishes.
yet again, not mike pence but hey.



  1. why does mother have to go everywhere with him? isn't putz able to fend off all the boyz without her help? do putz and dump pull each other's dicks during the dump's "executive time"?

  2. Talk about a basket of deplorables. Mikey is the cream of the crop. He was called out for his hate when he was the governor of Indiana and was definitely not going to be re-elected before being rescued by the conservatives savior.

    And thanks Anne Marie for those visuals. I now have to go bleach my brain to get rid of them.

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍đź’‹‍👨

  3. Ellen Page is the New Ellen.

  4. I love Ellen Page and the show Gaycation. Its entertaining to see different cultures while learning something new and educational. I'm amazed the show isn't hyped much. I did a post on the show about two years ago.

  5. Ellen Page Rocks!

  6. Yeah, this is the guy who refused to have dinner with a woman in a restaurant because... he might feel impure thoughts... about what? Her salad?


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