I don't post over the weekend. I'm usually dedicated to some ice cream and bingeing some Netflix show. But this time. But. This. Time.

Billy Porter (who was on Kinky Boots and on Pose) walked the fucking red carpet in a Christian Siriano custom number that made me blog. Now, That right there (Siriano and Porter collaborating) is queer heaven. Then you'll have to add the other layers. I'll elaborate.

This is a queer man. A queer 'fem' man. A queer fem man of color. A queer fem man of color married to a white guy. A queer fem man of color married to a white guy walking the Oscars red carpet. A queer fem man of color in an interracial same sex marriage wearing a genderfuck gown specially created for him walking the red carpet for the Oscars, THE entertainment event of the year.

Representation? Check. 
Genderfuck? Check.
Queer fem male of color? Check
Interracial same sex marriage? Check.

It's a kick in the balls to the racist toxic masculinity of the entrenched white patriarchy we see every fucking day. So there. And of course he’s looking to get attention. It’s the fucking OSCARS. He even wrote about it for Vogue. That's what it takes to get me to blog over the weekend.



There was a drag queen in the red carpet, too. This post is lovingly dedicated to all the masc 4 masc tools out there. 


  1. WOW! billy wears that creation well. I AM impressed!

    and I know billy looks much more pulled together than some of those whores with their tits/asses hanging out. it's what you DON'T show that counts!


    Such Fabulousness!

  3. Masculine men are way over rated, and in most cases, don't have the balls.

    I don't watch except to see the fashion.

    You have called it, and said it very well indeed of Porter. I heard your mic drop.

    After Porter nothing else mattered. I went on to Victoria.

  4. I didn't watch the Red Carpet (just the Oscars ceremony) so I missed this ultra-fabulousness!

  5. What does he have? Like a 22 inch waist? Scarlett O'Hara would be jealous.

  6. He may be wearing a dress but that man has balls! Plus honestly... he looks great!


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