When we talk about representation, we need to really think about what that means. And we need representation everywhere. Especially in porn. Porn, as a business, creates its own niches. And justifiably so. People are very particular about what gets them off. The problem I see is that the landscape then becomes a sea of clones and the variety becomes inexistent. We know the big names and the big studios. The Bel Amis, the Sean Codys, The Cocky Boys, The Men Next Doors. You would think that only white, toned men fuck. And we know that that is not the case.

We also should look for the non-usual suspects. Take Lucio Saints, for example. Lucio does not look cookie cutter maybe because he's not. Oh yeah. He's got the body and the dick, but that's regulation working equipment in porn. Apparently he's from Venezuela via Spain and was 'discovered' because he made a porno to get money and go to Ibiza. As one is prone to do.

In any case, porn stars like Saints are sorely missing in porn in America. You see, Lucio is deliciously voracious: he fucks White, Black, Latinx and Asian men. He fucks and gets fucked. He seems to be the ideal sex god: a nice dick that's always plump and a naughty disposition that allows him to let us project ourselves on his actions.

We need more diversity in porn. We need more diversity in life. We need to fuck people from other ethnicities, other races, other parts of the world. We cannot surround ourselves either with people just like us or with only one type of people. If we are white, we should fuck Black and Brown men. If we are Black, we should fuck White and Brown men. If we are Brown, we should fuck White and Black men.

If we are committed to somebody and would like to follow some heteronormative notion of couplehood, we could explore others by watching porn that does not follow some prescribed westernized notion of what's hot. Try European porn, try some Asian porn. Try some porn that includes other skin tones and other body types. Oh, you don't like porn? Sure, Jan. Then try at least to watch some movies on Netflix that come with subtitles. Because whether getting off while watching someone different to you getting it off or entertaining yourself while watching people from different cultures on the screen opens your eyes to other experiences, other cosmologies, other worldview, other people.

Come on, you know you wanna. It won't hurt. I promise.



  1. I’m all for diversity in my entertainment. I’m attracted to all varieties of men. Thanks for the sampling of Lucio’s work. That’s a great way to start the day. 😎 Life is way to short to stick to vanilla. You’ve got to find ways to shake things up.

    And it helps if you find someone that can broaden your horizons on this journey. 😘

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨


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