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Andrew McCabe went on national television and told the country that Cheeto is a clear and present danger situation waiting to happen. That the FBI decided to investigate him because Cheeto colluded with an enemy government and obstructed justice when he was found out. McCabe was acting director of the FBI when Comey was fired and then HE was fired because Cheeto was afraid that the fact that he was colluding with Vlad was going to come out. McCabe was doing counter intelligence because Cheeto basically said OUT LOUD that he was colluding with Russia. Think about it for a second.

Think about it. The president of the United States was being investigated because he was a threat to national security. A threat to the country who had just elected him fucking PRESIDENT. I find it inconceivable. And there are people that still think Cheeto is being treated unjustly. That is actually a quote somebody told me about today. My friend told me that her (conservative, dumb) family told her that Cheeto was treated unjustly. That it was a plan to get him out of the presidency. No shit, Sherlock. But they cannot see that Cheeto is a corrupt, racist, ignorant trust fund baby who never got approval from his daddy and now is holding a nation hostage to his personality disorders.

Really. This country has somebody who was the acting director of the fucking FBI go on national television to talk about a book he wrote where he talks about the president of a nation being a danger to the country. Yes, he did discuss the possibility of invoking the 25th to remove Cheeto from office. McCabe confesses his incredulous state of mind when they discussed 'how do we remove a president from office?' Remember when the U.S. president's scandals were french fries and a tan suit? Remember that?

It's absolutely fucked up. It was not a 'coup' as fox news will spin it. They discovered the president is a Russian asset, a corrupt oligarch who sold the country because he thinks the world spins around his orange head. And that's what the trumpanzees and Cheeto's minions will hold on to. Mark my words. But McCabe knows Cheeto colluded and obstructed justice. This is what I got from this interview. In a late night show. It's surreal.

This country is so fucked up that late night shows have to cover politics. The corruption in the White House is such that people are writing books about it. I hope history is merciless with Cheeto. I hope his legacy is one of shame and greed and absolute disgust. I hope he does not leave prison in twenty years.

Now, McCabe does kind of ring my bell. He's intense and circumspect and serious and smart and wears glasses and should be a freak in bed. Oh yeah. I thought about that. He does look like he stepped out of Dragnet and I think that's hot. He looks like I imagined an FBI agent would look like when I read political thrillers.

But we must not forget that the president of the United States is a crook and a disgrace and that people go on national TV to warn the country about it. And the nation does not listen. Ugh.



  1. The information that comes out DAILY is frightening. I yearn for the day when this shit show is over.

    And I’d be more than willing to give McCabe “just the facts.” ūüėé

    XOXO ūüĎ®‍❤️‍ūüíč‍ūüĎ®

  2. I believe him. I'm worried about what this all means since the GOP doesn't seem to care. They just goosestep along.

    That said, yeah, Andrew rungs my bell, too.

  3. It's a topsy-turvy world right now, isn't it.

  4. The only thing the GOP cares about is being in charge. their need is desperate and the couldn't care less who's in the White House.


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