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I didn't know I was most probably in need of some self-care until I watched this video that YouTube, in all its stalker-like knowledge, suggested. It's from Disney-Pixar, a studio that's told stories I've enjoyed many times. But this one came right on time. It's deceptively stripped down. It's really not fancy, it does not have all the detail that special FX bring to animation these days. But I found it to be just what I may have telegraphed to YouTube, that probably thinks I'm insane, given the array of videos I watch. I think it’s also a metaphor for Blogger and all the communities we build, I think. We are all that kitty. Or that doggie.

You'll have to watch it,  though, so you can get why is it that I found it so... needed? Theses short films sometimes pack a mean punch. And I'll have to do something about the comments  system here. I realized that I cannot reply to the comments left in the posts. And some comments are AWESOME. I like the new themes and whatnot but really, Blogger, why did you have to go and make things so complicated?

Happy March!


p.s. here's the director, talking about the short film


  1. I saw this short a couple of days ago. It was suggested by the animal rescue site. The fiercely independent kitty has a real soft spot for the much powerful, yet vulnerable dog. I like to think that’s how most of humanity would react. Unfortunately a lot of Americans are disappointing me lately. 😟

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  2. I never get these kind of suggestions from Youtube. But I once belonged to an activist group that had chaining of dogs banned in Orange County North Carolina. Where I once lived. Animals have rights too!

    1. They do! People who abuse animals are scum.

  3. I love a story with a happy ending!

  4. I cried
    I cried when the old pit bull wagged his tail for the first time

    That's where I am in my psychi and my life

    I cry

  5. I always seem to get into these you tube "holes" I call them. I too have seen this video and adored it. As far as reply to comments, I never knew there was a reply till I saw another blog, the readers really seem to like the interaction better. I believe I found the reply in the settings function. And that was also two years ago.


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