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Peas in a pod

Like all memes, it’s difficult to pinpoint where this one originated. Like previous memes involving Cheeto, this one plays on the feminization of powerful tyrants. They’ve done it with Cheeto and Vlad before and now with Cheeto and Little Kim. I’m torn about it but I think it is a hysterical take on current events with layers of feminism, masculinity, politics, gender roles, technology and humor thrown in forgood measure.

Of course, this is related to Little Kim playing Cheeto like a violin. We all know the Art of the Deal author (LMAOOO) is a shitty negotiator and that Kim, a psychotic criminal, does a cat and mouse game for his own entertainment. Nothing substantial can come out form this ungodly meeting. Well, nothing but propaganda and a thousand memes.

Cheeto is using this as a distraction from the catastrophic Michael Cohen testimony today. Let's hope it does not work. Meanwhile, let's keep mocking these two clowns. If only so many lives would not depend on their stupid, delusional minds.


P.S. the original of that photo is this:


  1. In a way, the original is as scary as the other.

  2. He’s a fucking catastrophe. He couldn’t negotiate a car deal let alone nuclear disarmament. If Saturns we’re still around he’d pay twice as much as the list price. (Dating myself?)

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  3. sweet jeebus, BOTH pix are hideous! the dump's ship is leaking fast...GOOD!

  4. Ha ha, I hadn't seen this before!

  5. It is very 'funny' how lawyers and all avoid mentioning the drump family involvement. What is it he could do, short of Civil War, to retaliate? Ivanka wants to be our next empress!

  6. Oh dear, someone tell Madonna to cut off the work done....she's looking odd. I agree with Bob, that joke one is disturbing.....

  7. They would have gotten away the the summit sham if a Rolodex hadn't popped out of Cohen's mouth.


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