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Remember Colton Ford? I think I've posted before about him in this blog. He's got the kind of mojo I enjoy in porn performers. For a hot second (in porn years that's about three years) he was everywhere. Buff, charming and generously endowed, he had it all to be, well, a porn star. And he was in demand. But he also did mainstream acting and was in some tv shows, theater and movies. And apparently he was a singer IRL. So he cut several tracks and about ten years ago his songs started playing in clubs everywhere. There was even a documentary. Then he seemed to disappear. And it's a pity. We could use a hot gay singer songwriter who’s over forty singing about life and love.

There hasn't been much about him lately, he's active in social media (more political than musical, mind you) and I hope Mr. Soukesian comes out with something new sometime soon. He'd do well with the new landscape of LGBTQ singers and songwriters making waves using the internet and self-production to put out their music. Hopefully with another video. Where he's shirtless. Preferably naked. Because a man this handsome needs to be naked at least 70% of the time. Yeah, objectifying men is fun.

Fy fav still is That's Me:


P.S. And this was the other side of him, in case you've forgotten:


  1. I just crawled outta a warm bed, and I find THIS! THIS and cawfee have jump started MY morning just fine! PS - it's currently 6:11a.

  2. Yeah Colton has it. Good looks and multitalented. And if you ever anag him, I’d watch. And drool 🤤

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍đź’‹‍👨

  3. Meh. I was never a fan of either his films or music. I tend to go more, like the song from the Legally Blonde musical, European.

  4. I saw a documentary on him a long time ago. He should try acting again, now that some time as passed.

  5. @AnneMarie: I know, right? That's how mornings should start.
    @Bae: You'll be the first to know. With ringside sitting. LOL
    @Walter: It's because I have a thing for DILFS, you know....
    @Dave: yes! Naked Fame. I watched it. It does give a view of who he was back then. I wonder if he'd act again though..


  6. @Walter: But of course! I suspected as much ;-)


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