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I was just thinking about masturbation. Why is it that so very few people talk about it? Everybody does it. Duh. I wish everybody were like AnneMarie, who's basically commented in this blog that sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands. Yep. I agree, girl. Self-love is self-care and like reading, it's fundamental.

Now, I think it's hard to talk about jerking off because for some people, masturbating is something that only horny teenagers do. When did pleasuring yourself become an underage activity? It does not mean that you're immature or that you're not capable of getting someone to get you off. It's just pleasure. Oh, and I've heard that some people consider it like a tiny little infidelity. Because obviously you are experiencing pleasure all on your own and not with the person with whom you're having a relationship? So it's like a tiny little cheating episode? But that does not make sense, I think. I guess usually when we masturbate the person we're with is part of the mental images we evoke to get ourselves off. When we think about them, we touch ourselves. Chrissie was right.

So what about when we do mutual masturbation? I think we should watch each other masturbate more often. It does not have to be intercourse all the time to have fun. Variety, people, is the spice of life after all. Of course we get carried away and end up jumping each other's bones (boners? he he) because who wouldn't take advantage of a nice hard dick? So would some people think that watching somebody masturbate is verboten too? Even if he's in the same room? On the same bed? What about videos? Would that be porn and be considered cheating? I have questions.

I like watching a man touch himself. Bonus points if he comes while I'm watching him. It makes me hot and it works as an invitation to join him. Vicarious experiences be damned. Also, duh! It's sexy, it's sensual and it's titillating both because of the 'private' implications of the act and because nobody knows our bodies like, well, ourselves. We KNOW how to get ourselves off. Why is it then still kind of one of those topics nobody touches? Men talk about the blow job they got from some stranger last night like it's nothing but few would concede they polished the bishop. Why is talking about giving ourselves a hand still kind of taboo? Is it because if we recognize that we jerk off we'd be perceived as not able to get someone to do it for us? Like jerking off is some kind of last resort? I wonder...

Of course now, in the age of the internet we cannot swing a cat without finding videos of men going at it with gusto, though. The internet has freed all the exhibitionists form the boundaries of a trench coat and now they populate whole URLs. People set up JustForFans accounts with the sole purpose of selling videos of themselves spanking the monkey. Twitter is a true cornucopia of bators. Like Cole Porter sang, even educated fleas do it. In this time and age, you'd think masturbation had gone mainstream.

Or has it?



  1. thanks for the shout-out, sweetie!

    now THIS is a GREAT wake up call on a friday morning; a cute guy choking the chicken. NOTHING gets me hornier than 2 hairy bears fucking/sucking each other. now if you excuse me, I need some "alone time"...

  2. From that first wet dream we learn the pleasures of personal love. Then we’re told that jacking off is bad and it becomes a dirty little secret and we hide it and the guilt sets in. Like you said, we feel that we’re cheating the person that we’re with, as if there’s a limited number of orgasms. Then, like many of the fairy tales we’re told, we open our eyes and develop our own opinions. (Leave Santa alone, he’s real!)

    Seeing someone else pleasure themselves causes a chain reaction. It turns us on an we then need the release. And there’s nothing wrong with that. So don’t be afraid to take matters into your own hands. And if there’s someone to do it with, all the better. Now go away, something’s come up that needs attention. 😎

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  3. Great post! I LOVE to jerk off, masturbate, solo-bate...you name it. I'm a solosexual and I've been at it since I was a teen-ager. For years, it was something I did alone but now I enjoy it with other guys who love it as much. I love to watch or have it mutually done. I can do it to porn or my favorite fantasy. I like toys like the Fleshjack or with coconut oil...best thing is, I know what I like, how I like and I'm never disappointed. And I don't have to make breakfast for anyone in the morning. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to jerk off.

  4. I find it sad and odd and slightly shaming, that in this day and age some people still think masturbation is a bad thing.

  5. I refer to it as a 'Solo Scene'. I fantasize the same guy from decades ago. Best sex I ever had. Still is!

  6. Send me a photo of your nook!

  7. One of my recurring characters self-frolics on a website and makes a lot of money. No one objects to it at all. Most find it humorous. I know if I said he 'beats off' would probably not like him as much as they do. It's all about the power of words.

  8. I never masturbate by myself or with others. And I have certainly never been to any of the jack off groups either. Yeah.

  9. @annemarie: my pleasure! 😎 ‘alone time’ is always welcome!
    @bae: a chain reaction, indeed.😊
    @walter: you’re right! If he’s worth it, that breakfast will come naturally. Fleshjack, huh? Interesting....you’re full of surprises. 🤓
    @bob: oh the stories I have. People can be sooo repressed!
    @jimmy: that is the coolest/hottest thing EVER! 😍
    @john: I will try! 😄
    @Dave: words ARE powerful. Frolic is awesome. 👍🏽
    @maddie: mistress, we KNOW you. 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨


  10. continuation... he told me he was in 'construction' when actually he was a day laborer just released from prison. That scared the shit out of me and I only saw him once. lol

  11. Eww shame on you people, that's gross. I'm never going to shake hands with any of you! I had to actually google "masturbation" to see what the heck you people were talking about, I nearly lost my lunch! I can just imagine the disappointment that your grandmothers are feeling right now, looking down from heaven at you people, tsk, tsk, tsk!

  12. I can't lie, I love jacking off by myself or with others. Some days it seems I can't keep my hands off my dick. Agreed also, that watching a guy or being watched is sometimes the hottest thing, even over sex.


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