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To celebrate #TransdayofVisibility I decided to post about this web series. And I’ll let them describe what they’re going for:
Born Stars is an upcoming web show about a group of friends that form an intergenerational queer family. They may be woke AF, but they all definitely wish they could get more sleep.
The show features bandmates Cole Hayes, Xander Idris, Ethan Remillard, and Rowan Seitz. Born Stars seeks to see if the recurring phenomenal popularity of a boy band can transition (pun intended) and still capture the kind of pop-culture zeitgeist they have had throughout history.

 We all need to be aware that trans people are and have been  part of the LGBTQ collective. Sometimes we tend to forget it. Keeping trans people in mind is especially important now, when Cheeto, pandering to the right wing xtianists who turn a blind eye to his corruption, has decided to push for a trans ban in the military. 

Especially now, when so many trans brothers and sisters are killed for being themselves.  Especially now, when we need to be united more than ever.
So if you have a trans friend, if you are LGBTQ, if you are an ally, make sure you let your trans flag fly. Because now it needs to be visible more than ever. Make sure you spread the word on how to be an ally, because we can all help. Be aware that helping trans and non-binary people be visible is an act of resistance in the age of Agolf Twitler. So happy #transdayofvisibility. 






  1. People just need to GET OVER their transphobia and let people be who they are. That web series looks very interesting!

  2. What Debra said. it's simple respect, and we all deserve that.

  3. I totally agree with the previous comments. We can’t know how someone feels in their own skin. We must respect each person’s journey as they seek their true self. We must love and cherish each individual and support each other along the way. So the the T shine in the LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 community.

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  4. There is a very large Trans community here where I live. I love to see a group of Trans males walking around shirtless (post top surgery). They feel so good and proud of themselves to be who they really are.

    Love thy neighbor!

  5. When I managed the paint desk I dealt with a contractor who seemed "lost in transition." You have no idea how many times I heard people say "I don't understand," and my most frequent comment was "he doesn't understand you, either." That's what we all need to learn.

  6. @Debra & @Bob. Correct! Why is it that's so difficult for people to understand that?
    @Bae. That's right. It's a journey. Like everybody's. But peppered with dangers.
    @Jimmy. Yes! And they should be proud.
    @Dave. "He doesn't understand you, either". Brilliant. We are all blinded by cisgender privilege.


  7. A few years ago I was genuinely shocked when a friend lamented that he wished trans people weren't a part of the LGBT community. He said "I'm not trans and have nothing in common with them." I replied "Oh yes you do... you're both targets of discrimination by conservatives. You don't need to be a trans person to understand the struggle we share with them for visibility and equality."


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