Oh, Steve

Steve Grand is handsome. That's undeniable. He's also talented and it goes beyond the bee-stung lips and the puppy-dog eyes. And that body. He's a good performer, I've seen him in Boystown working a crowd like a pro. On top of that, his music is not bad at all. I think it's good to have LGBTQ artists to support. And Steve is a good example.

He's a Chi boy who jumped into the limelight a few years back and did All American Boy, which was a country-tinged song that did not exactly scream 'gay mecca'. And he's done his rounds in Provincetown, Pride celebrations and the such. And he keeps coming up with music. And he doesn't do it half bad.

Yes, he's cute. But he's talented, too, and I insist that we should keep queer artists afloat. So here's his latest video. It threw me off a little because I'm used to a more bubbly approach from him. But damn. When he says drama, he MEANS drama.


P.S. here's his info:

Instagram, Twitter, FB: @SteveGrandMusic --- I'm still an independent artist self-funding all of this, so I can use all the help I can get! Thank you so much for all your support!

"Disciple" is an original song off of my second album, titled "not the end of me" released on July 6, 2018

TOUR DATES: Make sure to follow me on bandsintown.com/SteveGrand so you don't miss me when I book a performance date in a town near you!

Signed CDs, Vinyl Ablums, Tees, digital copies, photo prints and more only at: Shop.SteveGrand.com

Website for booking, events, store, and more: http://www.stevegrand.com/

Booking inquries? Contact: Linda@LeftofCenterProductions.com

I will be performing in PTOWN all summer 2019!


  1. I too love Steve Grande and no because we share a name. I have done post on him also. Love his music....he's what it's all about. Pearly gates is the one who introduced me to him, and since have met him several times. He's been to the Raven here several times. He is very nice to talk too...but a bit cock tease and flirtatious. I like that. He was very popular out the pool!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love me some Steve. He’s got talent, looks and that body. Fuck, I’m superficial! It’s good to see queer representation and he doesn’t keep it hidden. My only question is: Is he still funded because he no one will touch him, or because that allows him more freedom and control?

    And this latest release is dark. But it’s still hot!

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  3. THAT is certainly a friday eye opener!

  4. The music, the body, the smile, the penchant for being nearly naked?
    What's not to love?

  5. I think its even more impressive that he's an out COUNTRY artist. He really is cute/sexy.

  6. I have both albums. I thought the first one was better. The second's too ballady for me...

  7. I never heard of him before but wow wow wow that video was something else. Please come to Ottawa!!! Lol

  8. @Maddie: LOL yep, he's a tease, like every handsome man we know. He's also terribly charming.
    @Bae: he's self-funded. He mentioned it's his own studio and all. And yes, that BODY!
    @AnneMarie: Ha! yes, he's an eye opener all right.
    @Bob: and we love it ALL!
    @Mark. Yes! That's what called my attention when he started to post music videos.
    @Dave. I agree. I like the first one better too.
    @Steve: If I see him during Pride, I'll let him know that he has to add Ottawa! LOL



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