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On labels

OK let's see. Let's answer those questions and find out...

  • I have never paid for Uber, train or flights for anybody... No daddy
  • I don't drink Starbucks. I despise everything they stand for.... No twink
  • I cannot make my pecs bounce. But I really enjoyed watching Davey try to make his bounce.. No daddy
  • I cannot stand Red Bull... No twink
  • I have not watched America's Top Model.... not even with Nyle... No twink
  • EEWWW salads at McDonald's... No twink
  • Well, I do own a jockstrap. Actually two. And I don't practice sports... Yes twink.
  • And I do own several pieces of leather clothing.... Yes daddy
  • I have not spanked anybody... No daddy. Davey seemed to like that, though.
  • I have not been called daddy in bed. Nope. No daddy
  • Taylor Swift? No. No twink
  • I have never gotten a card for Father's Day... No daddy
  • I do not own a wrestling singlet. What? No daddy
  • I do eat sushi. Not several times a week tho... so Yes twink?

I am not a twink not yet a daddy?

You know I'm laughing as I type this. Because this putting everybody and everything in a box is kind of a waste of time. Like they said, even though ''twink" is a physical description, being a daddy is more of a state. But didn't many daddies start as twinks? Didn't many twinks grow up to become... jocks? or otters? or some other kind of inhabitant of the gay menagerie? Don't we all change and evolve and adapt as we age? Why can't we be a combination of things? Maybe like Maddie self-described, we're aging twinks or the down payment for daddies?

I thought the video was fun, and it poked holes in the same notions if was spoofing. I guess that just like sex, labels are on the brain. So the solution would be to just have sex instead of labels. It's more fun. Don't you think?



  1. Some people think it’s easier if we all fit into a box. But we’re more complex than that. And we evolve. As you said, one may start out as a twink, but that doesn’t last forever. Look at my fave porn star, Brent Corrigan. Made his name as a twink, but has grown up into quite the handsome, buff...jock? Whatever he is, he’s still got my attention, problems and all. (Though not as much attention as you, babe. ūüėė) And you are so complex, you can’t be pigeonholed into a single category. And I like that.

    And can someone please give Trevor a meal? He seems painfully thin.

    XOXO ūüĎ®‍❤️‍ūüíč‍ūüĎ®

  2. I don't think labels are so bad, unless you think that's all a person is.

    Like your own list, you fit in some spots and not in others.

  3. I love Davey. And he has many kinks...so I hear. I too fit both sides. Only this year have a gotten into jockstraps though. It starred at a jock party at jr's in DC. Now I wear them 2 or 3 times a week. And I always did enjoy spanking the ass of my partner during sex. I dont think anyone would call me daddy till my white would go salt and pepper.

  4. @maddie - OMB! what I just learned about you! :-0

    I WAS gonna try and answer the questions, but as a str8 girl I don't seem to qualify. I can get my jahoobies to bounce though, and I do drink starbucks.

  5. I actually have jockstraps, but I use them to keep things in place during cardio. No leather clothing, never paid a trip charge, though meals have been included. No spanking, Starbucks occasionally, and of course... no leather clothing... oh, I think I already said that.

  6. @bae: you cracked me up with Trevor and the meal. LOL and yes,I can't.
    @Bob: I think we all kind of fit in several different categories always. We cannot be unidimensional.
    @Maddie: Davey I'm sure is a freak. I approve. And 2-3 times a week? Oh, myyyyyy....
    @AnneMarie: LOL I bet you CAN totally do that.
    @Dave: that tells me that there's a lot that needs to be kept in place? Davey? Is that you?



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