When the manfriend told me that Brian Sims (a PA State Representative) was going all out on de-stigmatizing PrEP, I have to confess I was a little surprised. Very few public figures (let alone politicians) are that open about the things they believe in, especially if they relate to something as taboo as sexual behavior. After all, Sims has been quite progressive in a state that used to have Santorum as their senator. Sims is out and proud and he's quite outspoken about things that feel dear and close to him. And apparently making people aware of the possibility of preventing HIV is one of those. Also, he's quite the looker, if you ask me. I totally would. Hard.

Of course people were going to come for him but he stopped the speculation that came with his talking about Truvada and shut the haters down. I like me a man like that. No shame in his game, just pride. The way it should be. We should all take a page from that book.

Sims is working to de-stigmatize the use of PrEP.  It should be something that everybody would think sexually active people would take into account. It should not be a Scarlet Letter on somebody's forehead. You see, when somebody takes PrEP it just means that they take care of themselves. That's all. The only problem I see with PrEP is that it is way too expensive and the people who really need it (queer people of color, for example, who have a highest incidence of testing HIV positive) do not have access to it because it can be prohibitively expensive.

There have been efforts to make PrEP more accessible to all and of course, it has to do with the patent for Truvada a drug developed with taxpayer's money. There's money to be made off the prescription, so big pharma is clutching to it with all its might. I really hope that there's more push to make it more accessible. And so what if a few would call us a Truvada whore? Fuck them. Or rather, don't. It's a badge I'd certainly wear with pride.



  1. brian represents our city and state with PRIDE! he is not my personal state rep, as I don't live in his district. but I love him anyway! totes adorbs!

  2. The man walks the walk. He’s proud of who he is and passionate about his constituents. He’s a role model for so many people. Now if we could just clone him...

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  3. I do have some reservations about PreP
    But anything that gets us talking about promoting sexual health is bloody wonderful in my book

  4. I like that he doesn't step back from an actual opinion.

  5. If people take vitamins to prevent getting sick, why wouldn't someone be on PrEP to minimize their exposure to HIV? I'm on PrEP. I don't know why as I don't have sex as often as I'd like, but I take Truvada. It's expensive. Very. Every refill has to be argued and justified by my PCP to my insurance, but they relent after every blood test they demand. I think what Mr. Sims is trying to do is make us talk about sex. We're not honest about it; we're not honest about our status. There is still a stigma attached to men who are positive by those who are not. Just read the profiles on hook-up apps from guys saying they are looking for someone who's "clean." Some guys need to be re-educated. Don't get me started.

  6. I adore the man. Several of my friends in Bucks County had fundraisers for him, and us drag queens had a drag show for him when he ran for office. He knows he gets me hot.

  7. We in the state of Pennsylvania are quite proud of our Brian. He cares about people. He has no problem putting on the gloves to fight rights, and I'm not just talking about LGBT rights, I'm talking 'people's rights.'

  8. @AnneMarie: he’s REPRESENTING. Which is what most progressive politicians do. Conservatives just want to maintain the status quo.
    @Bae: yes! Let’s clone him STAT
    @Jihn: me too! We don’t know anything about the long term effects of it. But raising awareness about the power of taking control IS awesome.
    @Debra: I know right?
    @Bob: it’s awesome to see a politician who can do that, huh? Integrity. So rare.
    @Wlater: I agree! Kudos to you! And the idea IS to get you started. I hope you post about this some day if you haven’t.
    @Maddies: that’s awesome! And same, girl. I’d climb him like a tree.
    @Dave: and that’s what makes him a good politician. I hope he makes it far.



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