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So I got a Lovespoon in the mail. Yep. An original, handmade Welsh lovespoon courtesy of John, who runs GoingGently with a soft hand and a witty tongue. I entered his postcard sweepstakes, a fabulous one-off that encouraged us to send him witty/weird/fab postcards so he could single out some of the best. And I sent him one that I got on a visit to a little old town in Illinois, one of those weekend trips that usually leave us with some new trinkets and some lovely memories.

Lovespoons are totally exotic to me. I had no idea they existed. They apparently date back to the XVII century and originated in Germany but they're a Welsh staple. They signaled a young man's ability to do woodworking (and supposedly provide for his family). Quite suitable. Really. Practical and a token of affection. And this one came from Wales. Wales! Nothing farther from my mind and life than Wales. It seems (and it is!) thousands of miles away from my life and knowledge. It's another world, literally. Way far removed from my Midwestern and nosy Chicago life where carving wood is not exactly an everyday occurrence.

And I think this gesture basically symbolizes what blogging is all about: yes, we blog to get the cobwebs out of our heads but also for the sense of community and the fun it brings. The bloggers we follow and talk to online sometimes know more about ourselves and our lives than people who live right next door to us or even family and some friends. When blogging we do without many of the social conventions and prudish sidestepping we use in our daily lives and openly discuss sex, religion and politics as well as our lives and struggles without that varnish we use in our daily lives. I think many of us really breathe when we're online.

I have always found blogging to be cathartic. Both in the sense that I get to exorcize my demons and I get to express my ideas with a post or two. When chatting online with like-minded people or initiating conversations with virtual strangers we expand our horizons and learn about the world and the people on it from a very different perspective. I would not mind meeting the people I follow online. I think that the conversations we have online would work as well face to face with a cup of coffee or even a drink (not like I drink much coffee or alcohol, but you get my drift).

Online I have met the most interesting, caring, warm and funny people ever. So, if you haven't, go check John's collection of postcards. They came from all over the world and were a riot. Also, the comments on the posts will confirm what I just told you: online friendships are fab.

So thank you, John. This spoon is very special to me. I'll consider it a late-birthday gift.



  1. Dearheart..it was my pleasure.
    I enjoyed the postcard game, it came at a very bleak time and lifted my spirits
    Enjoy the spoon
    And think of me fondly when you use it

  2. "where carving wood is not exactly an everyday occurrence" - no, but growing/showing/sporting wood IS an everyday occurrence! hee hee!

    I have a large love spoon that john sent me a few years ago.

    "I think many of us really breathe when we're online" - TRUE! I have said stuff online that no one else knows. some stuff will always remain private. but out here I can be free.

    "I would not mind meeting the people I follow online" - the people I have met in person from blogs have been just like they portray themselves on their blogs. when meeting a blogger, BE YOURSELF! you don't have to pretend.

  3. I concur. I can tell if I met john, we be drinking all night and I could listen to his stories for an age I'm sure. I adore him. I also agree about blogging, and have met several readers and other bloggers. All sell people.

    Now I enjoy your new found wood!

  4. What a lovely gesture. The craftsmanship and detail of the spoon are amazing. John seems like he has a lot of tales to tell, like all of the bloggers I follow. I wish I had the talent exhibited in the spoon or by the online community.

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  5. Lovely! Both the spoon and blogging!

  6. What a fabulous gift, I, also, had never heard about them, so thanks for sharing the knowledge.
    And blogging does bring the world a little closer, which can only be a good thing.

  7. I never heard about love spoons either. Blogging is fun, the community is a cool bunch of people. I have met a few and also talked with many, all very cool people. I have been following blogs since about 2006, I sometimes can't believe it's been that long. It started to die out but now there seems to be a core "type" that is holding steady.

  8. The spoon is quite genteel.

    I blog because there's so much dashing around inside my head, sometimes it's salty and sometimes sweet, sometimes I irritate people and at other times make them laugh. Blogging is about the wonderfulness of words. It almost makes me as happy as my dogs... well, that's a bit of an exaggeration.

  9. @John: you know I do! XOXO
    @AnneMarie: LMAOOO love ya, girl!
    @Maddie: you know I cannot say no to wood...
    @Debra: yes! love them both
    @Bob: it was a surprise. And yes, we do need that now.
    @Steve: blogger is super fun. I've have three blogs with this one. I may reopen the older ones one day...
    @Dave: LOL you know that nothing makes you as happy as the doggies!!

  10. @Bae: yes, it was really nice. And you know you could blog any time you wanted. You did Tumblr, remember? XOXO

  11. I have had the pleasure of meeting at least a dozen bloggers in person and have never been disappointed. I concur that for most, blogging is where we really breathe. (Side note: I unfortunately shared my blog with family and friends so my posts are somewhat tempered.)


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