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One of the best things we can do in times of high stress is humor. And with Cheeto as president, these are stressful times. So this video made me laugh out loud. Of course, for humor to be effective, it always has to have a pinch of reality in it to really make it work. And this is a perfect example of what happens when a very attractive man jumps in the midst of many gay men. You see, we have trapped ourselves in a cul de sac because we've decided that what we 'like' is one thing and one thing only. We've been brainwashed into thinking there's one and only one way to be 'gay' (and I don't mean happy). As Tio Walter writes, we have been conditioned to be a certain way by society and lead to believe that there's one way to play, one way to mate, one way to... be. And we have assigned value points to a taxonomy that prizes 'masculinity' (or the perception we have of it) over anything else.

I agree some men are just... men? Imagine your manfriend, who manages to do nothing to fit the image we have of a garden variety man and nevertheless, he fits it to a T. He seems oblivious of many of those things you'd think gay men do or care about. Nevertheless, he enjoys men very much, and when you are together, you do things that gay men do. But you also have friends that are like you, as camp as a John Waters movie and as 'gay' as some people think gay is: hair, and clothes and campy tv shows and divas and the works. We are all part of the LGBTQ umbrella, and we should consider them all part of the world we have created for ourselves.

The one thing I find troubling with the taxonomy we've created in gay life is that at the same time that it allows us to belong to a tribe and find our identity and our peers, it limits us. The creation of categories and classes within a sub-group will lead to some kind of fuckery most times. With all these sub-divisions and classifications and taxonomies and types and sub-groups the only thing we achieve is to make ourselves feel... lonely?

Of course you may laugh as a maniac while watching the video but I cannot help but think that as with all good parody, they hit the nail in the head. As quickly as we are found to be attractive to a group, we are found to lack that 'one' thing that immediately disqualifies us. We can go from it boy to no way at the speed of light. Trust me, it's happened.

So let's just chill. And the next time we decide to categorize someone let's first relax. It's not that serious. It's just sex appeal. Right?



  1. the winking one wants me, I just KNOW it!

  2. It’s amazing how we latch on to a feature and decide, yeah that makes him complete, I’d do him in a minute. When in reality, he’s still the same person that we knew before. But now he’s enhanced. Like we were talking a few days ago about Tyler Oakley: he’s all buff now and really quite attractive. But personality wise he’s still the same person, just different packaging. Damn, we are a superficial bunch, aren’t we? It’s the old “I’ll know what I want when I see it” syndrome.

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  3. That video is hilarious, LOL!

  4. I can't tell you how many times I've watched that video. It's spot on, about beards. So much so, I've ditched mine for a 70s gay porn stache. Call me Freddy. I can't tell you how many more gay men ignore me now on Scruff and at the gym. I clear spaces, baby! If you ever need elbow room...call on me.

  5. That video was high-larious!
    I've had facial hair for decades and this explains everything!

  6. Walter screw the elbow room. Bring that stache this way baby!!!!!!!!!!

    Since I'm but a little toned guy, most jocks had always ingnored me. I like all types and find just one feature most times a sexual turn on. Cali boi, a reader of mine broke my jock cherry. He loves little toned guys. And made me aware not every jock will be a stereotypical asshole. I'm older then he, but he almost comes across as a big brother.

  7. The beard and hairy chest does make him press all my buttons. I think that I'm lucky in that I am attracted to many different types of men; however the super feminine men are not attractive to "me" usually. There are always exceptions. That was funny, I see your point but it's ironic that you then posted pictures of very masculine men after. Even most straight guys are not up to that perfect standard. I'm not trying to give you a hard time, this is one of my favorite blogs at present. :)

  8. I have had a beard for 20 years. And not one arse wagging in my direction x

  9. Simply hysterical! On point, and very, very funny.

  10. @AnneMarie: but of course he does! Get him!
    @bae: yep, we are.
    @Debra: I know right? I cackled the whole time.had to share it.
    @Walter: a porn stache? Hot! Who are those men? I need to go and slap them. A mustache in 2019 is an awesome statement! Fools.
    @Bob: it was! And now you know how that works, right?
    @Maddie: girl, we have the same taste! And you almost make me wanna try a younger guy! CaliBoi is quite the morsel.
    @Steve: oh yes. Same. I like some fur on my men. And you are right, those men seem to be masculine, but they all show vulnerability and seem not to take themselves too seriously. Those are more feminine qualities. And that’s hot.
    @John: you don’t see them cause you don’t have your reading glasses on, dearheart.
    @Dave: wasn’t it? I thought it was a riot.



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