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However you feel about Pete Buttigieg, the impact he's having is undeniable. If I would have seen this image let's say, when I was sixteen, I would have stared incredulously at it. A married, gay man was running for president and he (and his husband) were considered important enough to be on the cover of Time magazine. One of the most widely circulated magazines in the US.

Just ten years ago, less than a quarter of Americans thought that a gay man could run for president. Now, it is more than half. Pete may not be perfect (shit, no Dem candidate is, get over it already). But he is and will be influential. He may not get the nomination, but he's changing minds and his ideas and presence will -hopefully- influence people and politics in months and years to come. More than one queer kid will see this magazine cover in some one-traffic-light-town in the middle of nowhere and their life will change. They won't be the only queer person they've ever known. And they'll see they CAN have a future. And right now, that's good enough for me.


  1. Pete and Chasten’s exposure is huge! As you said seeing them on the cover of a major news magazine will impact people’s lives for a long time. And the accompanying video shows the humanity of the candidate. He actually cares for people. Is he perfect? No. Could he have done some things better/differently? Yes. But he learns and commits to be better (be best?). I think we’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more of him. His future is bright, even if the repuglican trolls are trying to manufacture dirt on him.

    Go Pete! Make your family (and the community) proud!

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  2. no one is perfect (except me [grin]), but pete & chasten represent the future. they give this old lady hope.

  3. 50 years since Stonewall, we've come a long way baby!

  4. Well I adore him. I have already got my tee shirt to wear and plan to vote for him if he gets the nomination. I can remember when I was with my ex. He was the chief of staff for a state rep. The original plan was to have him replace her, then run for govenor. But he tired of politics. Just think I could have been maybe PA first lady one day. I wish him luck the country needs him.

  5. Very true. Even if he doesn't get the nomination, his campaign and the mainstream recognition of him as a legitimate candidate send a message that can never be unsent. The encouragement this will provide to gay people in backward parts of the country and even in other countries makes it revolutionary.

    It sends a message to the bigots as well. They can rant and rave about Leviticus and Romans all they want, but the culture is inexorably changing. They are now the fringe and acceptance of homosexuality is mainstream.

  6. Behind every gay man is…another gay man? No, no. Let me try again. Behind a great gay man is another gay man? That still doesn’t sound right. People on the Right may misconstrue it and make a big fuss about it. They already are, bless their hearts. Behind Pete Buttigieg is another Buttigieg? Are two Buttie's better than one? I'm faltering. Let’s try this then: Behind Pete Buttigieg is Chasten Buttigieg. Hmm. Let’s just say, Pete Buttigieg is lucky to have Chasten. Both would make an ideal First Couple. That sounds a lot better, and the possibility is making headlines. Everywhere! The Post has a wonderful article on Chasten, who, to my mind, is the (top? dom?) real charm of the couple...and he's witty, and pretty, and gay! Just read his Twitter feed. Oh, just read the article: https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/chasten-buttigieg-has-been-a-homeless-community-college-student-and-a-starbucks-barista-now-he-could-be-first-gentleman/2019/05/01/436183b8-6c31-11e9-a66d-a82d3f3d96d5_story.html?utm_term=.edde963b60c0

  7. Well,...you people have said it all before I got a chance to write! But!! I can not wait until I put my Pride flag out on June 1 for Pride month. And, when the church people start pounding on my door to save me. They are going to get an ear full all because of the Buttigiegs. Bring it on!

  8. I'm loving the impact he's having, He may not be president in 2020, but one day, some day.it'll be a Pete Chasten White House.
    He's proving that he isn't the GAY candidate, but the candidate who is gay. Subtle, but a difference.

  9. Pete represents that one thing conservatives dread more than anything in the world - evolution. The GOP is terrified that at some point he will pull out of the presidential race and run for Governor of Indiana. There's a good possibility this might happen. Governors stand a much better chance of getting elected president than Mayors, which is why they're scared shitless.

  10. @Bae: yes, when the bigots are busy inventing shit on hi, they’re scared.
    @Anne!arie:of course you’re perfect! 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 And he gisves me hope, too.
    @Debra:a long way, indeed. From mental illness to the government. 😎
    @Maddie: you would have made a fantabulous First Lady! Werk! And I want a Boot edge edge T-shirt!
    @Infidel: nothing scares ignorance more than knowledge. Nothing scares the xtianist mind than intelligent men.
    @Walter: you e been on a roll! 😄😆 Chasten is a riot! He’s a very good yin to Pete’s yen. And I’ll have to tell you sometime the thoughts I e had about those two... 😆
    @Jimmy: do it! Pride flags are the bigots’ kryptonite 😂. The Buttigiegs are an inspiration!
    @Bob: me too! And you are right. The difference is subtle but meaningful.
    @Dave: do you think he’ll go for the governorship? I hope he wins that one! And then goes to congress if he doesn’t get the nomination.


  11. BTW, did you notice in the photo Pete has had to let his belt out a notch. He better watch it! He doesn't need to be called Pudgy Peter.

  12. Maybe it was Chasten’s.

  13. @Jimmy: you made me laugh! Bad Jimmy! LOL
    @Dogdandny: I think that would be absolutely adorable!!


  14. Mayor Pete to Jimmy: ”My eyes are up here!”


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