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I keep forgetting there is a Mr. Gay World contest. I know! How could I? It's a bunch of incredibly handsome men parading around in very small swimming suits and I forget it? Bad, bad gay!
The thing is, the objectification of the men is not what makes me forget it (I'm all for that, duh), but the homogeneity of the contestants in this kind of contest. I confess I'm biased and dismissed it as another silly excuse that gay men to break out the speedos.

But apparently this year the winner is a Filipino man: John Jeffrey Carlos. So there WAS some diversity in the contest, after all. And my ears perked. I needed to see more of him (obviously). Apparently he's only the second Filipino to have won the title and he campaigned on mental health awareness. So kudos to him! Even in a setting as frivolous as a male beauty pageant (that TBH should be as frivolous as a female beauty pageant, in order to keep things balanced) the fact that the contestants seem to at least have something to say about issues that apparently concern the world at large, seems encouraging.

I'm not a Gay Cruise gay. I don't do the White Party or the Winter Party or Provincetown or Fire Island in the summer and I am not well versed in the gay club scene (I used to go to gay clubs but now they bore me). So I'm a little off the track with what's happening in the gay beauty pageant world (now I'm going to keep and ear to the ground about IML, that happens here in Chi). I hope the visibility (who's not for ogling beautiful men?) gives him the chance to speak a little bit more about depression (his topic) and make it a topic of conversation. Heavens knows we need more awareness concerning mental health in the LGBTQ community.

I'm sure that we can take our eyes off from that beautiful body for a few seconds to listen to what he has to say. Because apparently he's much more than a pretty face and an fantastic body. Enjoy! (I certainly did).



  1. nice pecs! needs a bit more fur. so young!

  2. It’s good to see that the pageants are adding causes for the contestants to support. Given that the participants are so young it puts them on a path to think about something other than themselves. Additionally it brings awareness to these worthy causes. And as you said there is much to be said about mental health in the LGBTQ community. The stigma of being queer is still a problem for many. And hopefully with awareness come acceptance. And if it takes a good looking guy to get the message across, all the better.

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  3. He's yummy. And I like that he breaks several types: no beard, not overwhelmingly hairy, not a clone lookalike. I wouldn't mind taking a peek inside his basket. As for you, I volunteer to take you to Provincetown in the fall. It's lovely. A White Party is fun, with the right friends. I've always been curious about the Black. So pack your bags, we're going on a roadtrip.

  4. I, too, am not much of a pageant gaym but he is adorable, and has a cause and, yes, nice pecs!

  5. TBH,he only got cute after his mental health video. So true, there is so much depression among older LGBT people. When you think about gay men and women having to go back into the closet in nursing homes. The isolation must be terrifying and horrific!

  6. I demand you hand over janjep and those other two right now....he is hot and now all this did was make me hard.

    I go to Provinetown every summer...but I have never did a gay cruise and dont desire too. A friend took me a fire island for the first time maybe three years ago. I could not control myself. I will admit to having sex with three guys, and a foresome with several guys another night. While I do enjoy sex...that was too much temptation and scared me.

  7. Yes it's good that there is more and more diversity, not every guy has to be blond with blue eyes. I have a lot of Filipino friends, there are a lot of really handsome Asian guys of different cultures.Many of my friends are naturally hairless, some don't even have facial hair so it's genetic for many. There are also a lot of really really handsome men from countries like India and middle eastern countries as well. In my opinion anyway.

  8. @NneMarie: oh yes. I noticed those first and foremost. And yep. Youthful.
    @Bae: the package always counts. But yes, if the platform is good, then amen!
    @Walter: the whole thing called my attention for the same reasons: handsome and not cookie cutter. And I’d LOVE to go. I’ve been invited but my schedule is insane and does not allow for anything fun. Trust me, my bags would be packed in a New York minute.
    @Bob: I didn’t know I was missing male beauty pageants! Yes, for the pecs. I guess we have several chest boys and girls here!
    @Jimmy: that was the icing on that delicious cake.
    @Maddie: Lmaoooo bet those boys would make sure you have fun. And you HAVE GOT to write about those adventures! You know that we’re are meant to be made to resist everything but temptation...
    @Steve: I know right? Variety is, after all, the spice of life. I think middle eastern men are positively gorge.



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