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You know objectifying men is one of my favorite sports. And Colby Jansen is one of those DILFs That personifies sexual freedom in my book. He brands himself as a 'daddy' and seems to be proud of it, and that’s refreshing in a profession obsessed with youth. He's also a freak in bed. I've watched him fucking (and being fucked by) twinks, bears, otters, MTFs, FTMs, muscle bunnies, the lot. His sexual appetite seems omnivorous and refreshing. He's a self-professed bisexual and has the videos to prove it. And that makes him a fantastic porn star in my eyes. And that’s basically what made me post about him here. Being polymorphous perverse -as uncle Sigmund would say- is kind of hot IMHO.  

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He's also refreshingly candid when talking about his sex life: 

"So, that was also the time when I was having a crisis of sexuality, I was hooking up with guys off of manhunt.net all the time. And then I was like fuck it, let me get paid to do this. And I sent an email with my pics, and got hired. 
I did that but was afraid of being found out, also I married TS pornstar Gia Darling at that time - and thought we could live I obscurity near Buffalo. Well the shit hit the fan, people found out about the gay porn and that she was trans, really fucked up my family life (thanks to the asshat who did that btw). So I decided to go back to porn, but I had a plan this time, thanks to Gia. "

He's married to a trans girl and seems to have all his shit together. Something that you hope everybody in porn would do (I'm still bummed JJ Knight and Brent are not together!). He's been in scenes with most of the big names in gay porn and in bi and straight porn too. What I like about him is that he seems to REALLY like sex. I like men who like sex. And Colby projects that into the camera. I also think he's pretty hot. He's over 6' and probably around 200 lbs. Yum. And he's not pretty. Somehow I'm not attracted to the pretty boys of porn. Oh, yeah. Bel Ami would put the parthenon to shame, but I like my men a little banged up, weathered. I don't mind a wrinkle or two.  Or some gray hair here and there. Or an extra pound or two. 

He does not seem to hide his bisexuality (has this on his instagram)

Oh, I know. Bi men have a bad rep. But I've dated bi men since I was 17. Some have been awesome and some have been shit. Like when you date gay men. I think being Bi is not something that a man needs to hide to date other men. I know, I know, there's this trepidation he's gonna leave you for a girl. Well, he could leave you for a guy, too. So there. So why not enjoy more bisexual men? I know I am. I wonder what the girls think, though. I think it would be a very different story. Looking forward to those comments....

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P.S. Here's Colby in all his glory:



  1. Colby is one hot mofo. So often men of a certain age and body type are overlooked. I’m guilty of it myself. I think tend to view the trim young bodies in my porn. But if you think about, by sheer volume, you search for porn and that’s going to be majorly of your feed. So I’ve got to filter better to get Colby and his ilk in my feed more often. I know I won’t be disappointed. And like you said, he runs the gamut in his onscreen partners. So score!

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  2. I like my guys with some meat on their bones. this dude is FUCKING AWESOME! pound that guy on the bike!

  3. Goodness! I wasn't ready for that. There's coffee all over my desk now. I love men who give and take. This sexual role assignation is for fools if you ask me. I'd do him. I'd let him do me. There better be cuddles after or there'll be hell to pay.

  4. He reminds me of my nephew so as you may suspect I do feel somewhat awkward

  5. My former FWB is bisexual, he is divorced and has a kid. Honestly he was hands down the best sex I ever had. The idea of a guy being bisexual makes him more exciting to me, not less.

  6. @Bae: he indeed is. And hey, if like em trim, I’m not gonna complain....
    @AnneMarie: same! There’s something about them being solid that gets me GOING,
    @Walter: LoL And I thought that disclaimer would help. I think that men who have bottomed kind of know how to do me better. There’s been some exceptions, but mostly yeah, that’s the ratio. And cuddles after are essential!
    @john: oh myyyyy... really? You just gave me food for thought, John.
    @Steve. OMG same! I totally agree.



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