Pearl has always been lauded as one of the ‘hot’ boys in RuPaul’s drag race, but I think that title goes to Laila McQueen. Pearl was pretty as a boy and stunning in makeup, but she never struck me as particularly smart or innovative in her drag. Not much of a personality there, just a vacuous attitude. I heard she's a DJ and has a YouTube channel. Have never watched her.  Laila, on the other side, kind of tickles my fancy as a boy and as a drag performer. She's creative and articulate. And looks stunning in make up and very handsome out of it. She makes her own clothes and does illustration and brings her art into her backdrops and costumes. She also comes across as much more knowledgeable, articulate and and down-to-earth than some of the other contestants in RPDR (I'm looking at you, Silky Nutmeg Ganache). And I love her aesthetic. Very goth-punk-rock-goddess. She IS that girl.

I think drag performers fuck up the concept people have of the binary. By embodying the ultra feminine and the essentially masculine they confuse many. People forget that under the make up and the glamour there's a man. The notions of masculine and feminine are so entrenched in our mind that we are tripped by the dichotomy of a man in a dress. A big bruiser with black nail polish would make me wanna lick his fingers. A bear in a kilt would give me the vapors. A man who can accessorize is attractive. The essence of masculinity does not imply dudebro drag.

I know that some men 'don't go' for a man who's perceived to be feminine (note that I don't use effeminate because the term irks me to no end) because they 'prefer men'. Well, the news is that what makes him a man is not located in his makeup. Besides, Tyler (Devlin, Laila's boy name) comes across as smart and witty and that's what counts in my book. He's also obviously creative and explores an artistic side we did not see in RPDR. You see, Laila was the first queen eliminated that season and we barely had time to see her.

But she's proven to be enduring. Like many of Ru's girls, Laila has seen her profile raise and was able to get that coin, honey. She was smart and now she lives in apparently her own place/workshop in Chicago. Kudos to her. I find her to be really beautiful and him to be very handsome as a boy. I'd totally have a KiKi with Laila. Not necessarily in drag, because I'm not a Race Chaser, but probably in boy drag. I know some men would say no, but I'm not most men.

She's pretty as a girl:

and in genderfuck drag:

And especially as a boy:

I would let him hit it.



  1. I love Drag Race and am always stunned at how different the men look in and out; some of those are hot guys and gorgeous women, both!

  2. I see drag as a performing art form. I like how drag queens have evolved from lip-synch performers to talented performers who sing, dance, or act. Some of the guys are true artists. I don't go for the "only men" or "masculine only" man. I shun them. To me, it's toxic masculinity. There's underlying shame, or internalized homophobia, that hasn't been dealt with. I like my men flawed, vulnerable, real. I think great artists and drag queens use their vulnerability to create something beautiful. That's a true artist to me.

  3. I have met Laila several times...and you have her pegged. And his drag has come so far since dragrace. He was very much under appreciated on that show. Met pearl too. Looks phenomenal, but what a vacant person. I think some home, but not sure. And to be honest...some of the more feminine men I have bedded, were some of the hottest sex in the sheets.

  4. Walter!!!!! I adore you!!! I wish there were more guys like you. Too many are on the straight and narrow... all they want or desire are other masculine men, jock, beekcakes, or bearded men. I like them too, but I dont close myself to one type. Your comment has made my day.

  5. @Bob: same! It’s fascinating how they can switch so completely.
    @Walter: you speak the gospel of truth! I totally agree. The art of drag has opened the doors to many artists to find another way to express themselves. And again agree with the problem some men have with internalized homophobia.
    @Maddie: yay! I think Laila comes across as much more genuine than other Ru girls and I love her art!
    And yes, we need to clone Walter ASAP,



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