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First of all, I’m a 19-year-old virgin. I talk about boys quite a lot on my social media networks. Clearly at this point it’s not acceptable anymore… just thought I’d bring it up, put it out into the universe, I don’t really get a lot of action. You have probably guessed that at this point

If you troll the internetz, you may be aware that there’s a ton of beauty bloggers and that recently one of them turned on one of her 'BFFs' and basically aimed to ruin his life. You'd be all like 'oh, it's just two youtubers quarreling' but when the mainstream media dips in and you have people in legit news circles writing about this and talking about this, you go: wait WHAT?

So it seems that Tati (I have no fucking idea who she is and I don't care, so I'm not googling her) came for James Charles (a makeup artist I have seen around because I follow Manny MUA and LoneFox and youtube suggests from time to time his videos) and basically lied to millions. All because Charles apparently reviewed a rival product to the product Tati hawks in her youtube channel. Petty? I have not even started.

Apparently James Charles has millions (as in more than ten million) subscribers in his YouTube channel. He's a make up artist and has been the face of CoverGirl and even has his own makeup line.  And Tati is apparently another make up artist, but had less followers, even though she's older than Charles. But you know what? She gained about FIVE MILLION after she basically tried to destroy Charles' life because he promoted a brand that was not HER LINE. The YouTube makeup community is very incestuous and backstabbing and the fans (probably 13 year old girls) are mercurial and make or break 'careers' in the blink of an 'unsubscribe'.

Also, followers mean revenue. Tati basically gave herself a raise for trashing Charles. Her video has millions of views. I think she knew perfectly well what she was doing: she accused him of being a bad friend and then added the cherry on top: she said he went after straight men and used his fame as YouTuber and influencer to gain access to their pants. Treason and sexual misconduct? The outrage was severe and crushing: Charles lost two million followers overnight. People even recorded the 'unsuscriggeddon' in real time. You could SEE how he bled followers. People threw away his make up palette. All while Tati -the mean girl- gained subscribers.

And now, both Tati and Charles have published follow-up videos. Charles, with the receipts refuting Tati's claims (the boy he was pursuing is Bi, not straight and they've been talking for awhile, the promotion of the rival vitamins was a fluke after he was mobbed in Coachela, etc). Tati has also published her I-didn't-know- video. I call bullshit. She perpetuated the gay predator stereotype because she knew she'd get clicks. She KNEW what she was doing. She accused a nineteen year old gay boy to be horny and go after straight men. Really? She did this for profit: her own. After all, she's been hustling youtube and peddling herself and now her wares out to her followers for nine years. Yes, she mentored Charles (that's another layer, right there) but I think she does it because she feeds off on younger YouTubers. She's the queen who bathed in the blood of virgins to stay young.

Another shady character in all this charade (aren't you happy you didn't watch that Game of Thrones finale and are instead reading this?) is Jeffree Starr, a Voldemort-Like character that hails from the MySpace era. Jeffree is racist, sexist, and an expert backstabber that parades his money (he also has millions of followers) all while sowing discord among people in the community. He flexes his considerable muscle to crush competitors and can also make or break YouTubers at his will. He also came for Charles and goaded his followers to unfollow him by accusing him of something Star also does and does much better than Charles (Star is 32, Charles is 19): go after straight men.

So what side am I on here? I would say I believe Charles over Tati and Starr. I think Charles' brand will recover and I hope he goes after Tati and Starr legally. I'm sure there's enough proof online to get them to be scared (both Tati and Starr have published their own videos after Charles brought the receipts and called them on their bullshit). Funny, isn't it? That the public opinion is able to crucify a nineteen year old boy for being horny but does nothing to condemn a president who has over and over and over broken the law and shows how corrupt his administration is.

If only America would turn on Cheeto the way youtube turned on Charles....


P.S. BobTheDragQueen is all of us:

Also, this is hysterical:

Willam with the tea.


  1. Like you I had no idea of the storm that was brewing in the great makeup wars. My quick take: Tati should grow the fuck up. She’s a veteran of the genre. Is this the first time she had her feelings hurt? James did something that hurt her feelings. James is more successful than her. Tati decides to air her dirty laundry. Tati comes off as a spiteful bitch. People like a good car wreck. This too shall pass, while real damage to the country barely gets a blip because it’s becoming normal. WTF?

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  2. I don't get this whole YouTube / Instagram pay for clicks business shit. What ever happened to putting a day's work behind the make up counter? Gurl, you wanna make some money? Go chase the shopping hags down the aisle and spray them with cheap cologne. If you ask me, people are clicking and buying snark these days. The meaner the snark the higher the paycheck. Which is sad...because no amount of make up can hide how ugly some people and souls really are.

  3. Sadly, these people who they they are SOMEBODY because they have a social media following are missing the point: life isn't on social media. That's not real and when they take their little fights and insults to social media that's not real.
    Get off social media nd live life outside a screen.

  4. This is too much drama for me to handle. And I cant stand Jeffery Starr. A shit stirrer.

  5. @Bae: Tati was shady as fuck. She wanted the clicks and she got them. hope Charles sues her ass.
    @Walter: it's a whole cottage industry. People jockey for clicks with all their might. It's incredible the amount of money people can make from the comfort of their basements.
    @Bob. Correct. They live in a fantasy world that can be built of tore down in one day. Look at what this woman did to this boy.
    @Maddie. I can't with Jeffery Starr either! Ugh. He irks me.



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