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Brent Corrigan and JJ Knight are my OTP. Yep. I can fanboy on anybody and I have chosen two porn stars who happen to be in a relationship to do it. Now, they are mostly on-again-off-again partners and that's ok with me. They seem to have a somehow tempestuous relationship and taking into account that they are both very attractive men accustomed to enjoy themselves (and others) in front of cameras for a living, that should not come as a surprise.

They're my OTP because I think that finding love is cool. It's hard for us mere mortals, so when two men who seem to be the incarnation of so many other men's fantasies find love together, I think we've come full circle. There's a lot of vicarious living in this OTP, naturally, and I would not deny it. Of course we would not be able to use a minute of the admiration of thousands and the desire of a few million, like these men, but still, the idea is attractive.

Then there's the sex. Hot, uninhibited, freeing sex. Porn star sex, mind you. I'm more for JJ and the manfriend is more for Brent, so yeah, even in this field we kind of veer a little to the left. We all know that porn star sex is edited to within an inch of its high definition glory and only taken from the best angles, but still. It's the kind of sex we kind of know they actually have at home. Right? Because of reasons. So yeah, I fanboy.

They are super adorable (and very, very, hot) together and I think that the fact that they are well known porn actors adds to the odds of them staying together. It may not be surprising somehow that starting and maintaining a relationship between two porn stars is lower than let's say, two Hollywood actors. But I refuse to believe that. I think their affection is real and to be truthful, I think that finding love while working in the adult industry may not be easy. Can you imagine the pressure? Still these two apparently found each other and laid the foundation for a relationship. And I Stan.

Nevertheless, it seems they are on hiatus right now. I saw this on Brent's twitter and was like, DARN!

It seems they're off again. But the videos they made together are still online. Still available. And like people say, once it's online, it's there forever...



  1. Maybe they break up because their sex lives are actually terrible! Maybe it's like, "oh no, put that thing away, I've had a long day at work and if I have to see another one of those things... I'm going to scream"!

  2. You know my weakness for all things Brent. I’ve liked him since his (under age) twink days, and admire him even more in his mature twunk life. We talked about how he and JJ seemed so good together, hand in glove, or something like that 😜. You always hope for the best, and when they moved in together in WeHo it looked like they would make it. But I think Brent has a lot of demons that he is dealing with. I hope he can conquer them and come out better than ever. And, who knows, maybe someday they’ll get back together. A boy can dream, can’t he. But we’ll have the videos to keep us going.

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  3. They are purty, but I like a bit more hair on my pairings. I'm having a secret love affair with @griffinbarrowsx. I just love how he loves cock, and sex, and everything. And those eyes! Oh my!

  4. I love the way Austin Wolf uses his hands! I'd do therapy work for that! lol

  5. Now brace yourself cutie. Brent did a guest appearance here at the Raven pool once for a show. Very friendly and sweet. And even let me wrap my hand around his dick. All he had on was a speedo. I usually I dont wash that hand and use it when a run one off. And he's aged nicely.

  6. At one time, and still would pay good money to top Brent Corrigan. That ass!!!!!

  7. HAWT! but, I second walter, I'd like some fur on those boyz!

  8. Maddie I’m so fucking jealous! 😍

  9. @Steve: LoL I’d be pressed to tell JJ to stay away, but I get what you say. Too much of a good thing and all that.
    @Bae: yep, Brent has been to a lot from an early age. He’s kind of well adjusted for the industry, though.
    @Walt: I did check Griffin out. He was playing with a very happy friend. I see why you are infatuated.
    @Jimmy: yep Austin knows how to work those hands!
    @Maddie: lucky girl! Yeah he comes across as nice. Hey Qween has an interview with him and he’s got a sense of humor.
    @Caliboi: you and my manfriend, baby. You and my manfriend.
    @AnneMarie: LoL of course you like em fuzzy.



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