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So Kenneth in the (212),  an old-school blogger found these duds online. According to the rumor mill, dear Aaron's video excursions were leaked on QAnon (one of the main cauldrons of iniquity online) and now they're all over the place. Of course. 

You know the opinion I have about homocons and Aaron Schock is the perfect example of it. He managed to squish away from the several investigations that loomed over his head (this seems to be a repug pattern) and after having voted in congress several times against LGBTQ legislation, he's been found gay-ing it up many times after he left office. Talk about hypocrisy.  He obviously likes that body and most probably spends hours making it as nice as it looks. He's also most probably a hardcore narcissist (don't believe me because I don't have a degree in counseling, well, dear, feel free to consult the DSM) and much like every other homocon in town, gets off in power trips. 


The best part of this is that now Kenneth has been accused of 'harassing' Aaron. Yep. The irony is so thick I could cut it with a butter knife. 

Well, this sure is rich. Don't have a lot of time to flesh it out, but a dissertation could be written about how Twitter has allowed the harassment of marginalized people of all kinds by everyone up to the so-called president of the United States, yet they have blocked my account for allegedly "harassing" Aaron Schock. Yes, I'm talking about the same Aaron Schock who was leading a double life as a sexually active gay man while spending his career on Capitol Hill supporting legislation to legally harass LGBTQ people before getting run out of town, forced to pay back more than $100,000 in misappropriated funds. 

Twitter, the cesspool of white supremacy and thirst traps decided that his was some kind of revenge porn? Idiots. Hopefully they'll 'review' Ken's ban protest and he'll get back his account. It's iffy how these social media platforms turn a blind eye to Twitler and his constant bullshit, to white supremacists and Russian trolls but ban people like Kenneth in the blink of an eye. Dan savage summarized it nicely:

Of course, the best clapback came from ChiChi LaRue:

And here's the video.. while it lasts online.

Hopefully this will be the last we hear (and see) of Mr. Schock. Hopefully no self-respecting homo will fuck his more than willing ass. Because gay Repugs do not deserve to get fucked. Their party is doing that already.



  1. I've seen better asses on the rear ends of horses. it ain't all that.

    and howsabout that big black buttplug on the bottom left? wonder what aaron does with THAT (wink wink)? fucking waste of DNA!

    the twitter CEO is sucking the dump's lil mushroom, so the dump will NEVER be banned.

  2. Ha ha, you're more observant than I am, Anne Marie -- I didn't notice that buttplug until you pointed it out.

  3. Poor Aaron.
    He was the laughingstock of congress and now we're still laughing at him.
    Come out already and then go away.

  4. Sorry, Aaron. I like mine with a little hair and a lot of gay on them.
    I vote no. Next.

  5. Oh crap... I found him hot, I would totally tap that. Then I would tell him he could redeem himself by holding a press conference in support of Pete.

    What is wrong with these people who tirelessly work against gay people while taking it up the bum, church members included. Are people sure it's him?

  6. my boss the mistress harasses him terrible on instagram with insults and mug slinging. i should have never created the instagram for him, while i do find it funny the mistress antagonises him so

  7. The former Illinois congressman has freed himself (or was forcibly removed) from the smoke filled rooms of Washington and is now trying to experience his true self? Yeah, no thanks. Go back to being a miserable soul. He had an opportunity to do right, but chose to toe the red line without remorse. He can’t take that plug and leave it in there.

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  8. So Aarron's turning out to be a bigger joke than we thought he was. The sad thing is I don't believe it phases him one bit.

  9. @annemarie: omg girl I laughed like a maniac! That does look like a buttplug! Aaron was gonna get BUSY.
    @jimmy: local disgraced politician. His dad still thinks he’s ‘metrosexual’. Sure, Jan.
    @debra: same, girl! And I know buttplugs! 😆
    @bob: I think this is what he sees as his ‘coming out arc’. The closet can do terrible things to a person’s head...
    @walter: same! The gayer the better.
    @steve: I have decided not to let any republican tap it. Nope. No matter how hot. And yes, people are sure it’s him. He’s had quite the run this year, queering it up all around the country. All while still closeted.
    @anita: good for the Mistress! Aaron deserves the worst.
    @bae: he IS. Miserable soul. Ugh
    @dave: he’s a complete joke. And of course he doesn’t see it. He’s too fixed on that image in the mirror.



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