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Boyd Tyrone

Apparently Ty had a huge hit with this song 25 years ago. He's been around for awhile, I guess. He came out of the closet (in Country music I'm sure that's HUGE) and now has re-released the song with the pronouns he says he's always felt correspond to it.

I'm not a huge Country music fan. As opposed to Steven (Hi, Steve-o) I prefer House music. But the feeling I hear in Ty's voice called my attention. Can you imagine how liberating it should be to be able to sing about a man you love after years being in the closet? He just re-released this song and he changed the pronouns he used the first time. Now's 'he'. I can only imagine the relief he feels singing what he really wants to sing, to the person he really wants to sing to.

The idea of the closet -as it should appear to somebody who is in it- is somehow foreign to me. I was the quiet kid reading in corners and getting good grades. I was proficient at some sports but never the first chosen. I had the uncanny ability to be able to play with girls for two hours and then with boys for two more without any transition needed. I fit right in between. Too much of a tomboy for the girls. Too girly for the boys. But I managed to keep a balance. I was labeled 'quiet' by the adults, which in straightspeak is 'sissy'. When I was in fifth grade I discovered that I always gravitated to older boys who were nice to me. And many were VERY nice to me. They also kept the bullies away, so it somehow worked. It was like that all the way through high school, where I developed a penchant for being a mouthy smartypants and for falling for men with big hands and gentle eyes. Still do those things.

So Ty's rocky voyage through fame (he has had many number one records, close encounters with bottles of whisky, two divorces, banktrupcy and he was rumored to be gay for twenty years!) brought him to this video we are watching today. That's quite the trip, huh? He seems happy and centered and looks handsome. The closet seems to be a very scary and self-destructive place, after all. Don't wish it on anybody. I cannot imagine the pressure.

So this is Ty as he sees himself. Singing to a man he loves. More power to him.



  1. It's never too late to come out of the closet and be free.

  2. I remember hearing sometime ago that Ty had come out and I was so happy for him. I used to listen to Country music, sucked in by Garth Brooks and even attended one of his concerts...something I rarely do (go to concerts). And Garth wore those tight jeans. I don't listen to much in the way of Country these days, but they still have some handsome men. And I count Ty among them. He has matured well over the last 25 years. And as soon as I heard him on this "re-release" (authentic release?) I was so glad that he could sing the words he has always wanted to sing. Very happy for his freedom.

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍đź’‹‍👨

  3. I like him. I remember when he came out: it made news in Country. I like his voice and style. He's a modern throwback to earlier male country singers (if you can figure out that Star Trek time loop).

    Unlike other artists who are closeted for years (even though we can smell their gayness and hear their whimpers from the closet miles away) Ty is a good example of what a closeted life can do to a person. I like the rephrased song and I still like him.

    Who knows, maybe he and Steve Grand can marry each other and write Country songs of boy meets boy at the County Fair get drunk get in a pick up truck, drink beers, go off to the local lake, strip down butt naked, skinny dip, splash around, kiss, suck dick, fuck, fall in love, and run a farm. Wait, is this a fantasy of mine or something Steve might know something about?

  4. If you're a man and you write a love song, it's about another man, and to have to change it would be heartbreaking.
    I'm glad he was able to re-release it as it should have been sung in the first place.

  5. You had me at your clothing style and mention of house music.....I'm your clay..mold me.

  6. Walter.....I like the way you think!!!

  7. In his youth, Ty was a real pretty boy, in fact I went to see him in concert because he was such a pretty boy. I think his life must have been really difficult, rumors were always flying. I hope he's happy now.

  8. if only lesley gore could have used the words she wanted to sing...

  9. @Debra: absofuckinglutely. The closet is toxic and many people realize that too late.
    @Bae: ohhh Garth Brooks! Yes, I remember he had an alter ego and all that. I didn't know Ty, though.
    @Walter: yes, he's got a super nice voice. I noticed that. And him and Steve Grand? Yes, PLEASE! LOL
    @Bob: I know, right? The hiding, the secrecy, the denial. Bet it's absolutely liberating.
    @Maddie: We need a kiki. LMAOO
    @Dave: I can totally see that. He's a very attractive man. I can only imagine having rumors of you being gay in country music. Darn.
    @AnneMarie: You sent me to google with Leslie Gore, girl!



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