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So I like drag. I think it’s a big fuck you to gender norms and it functions as performance art. Natch. And I like RuPaul's Drag Race. In case you didn't know, RPDR it's not about cars, even though I really like how Jimmie Johnson looks in those coveralls. It's about drag performers camping it up and being fantabulous while competing for one hundred thousand dollars. Think America's Next Top Model crossed with Project Runway and Survivor and you get the drift.

I have watched it since it was a little program on LOGO -now it's on VH1- and I have always found it super fun to watch. But this season I was basically bumming RPDR from a boo cause I don’t have cable (that in itself probably deserves a post) and I had to basically brainwash him to TiVo it for me. But I watched it all. Up to the finale. And even though I was afraid I was going to be disappointed, I was not. Let me explain.

This season (the eleventh!) had some very cool performers, but apart from some outstanding ones (Miss Vanjie, Nina West and Plastique Tiara) the first eliminated queens felt somehow like fillers. Oh I personally like Soju and Scarlett Envy, but out of more than ten contestants I had my eyes on Yvie Oddly and Brooke Lynn Hytes from the beginning. Why? Well, they were the most charismatic, the ones that seemed more grounded in their artistic point of view and the ones that throughout the competition seemed to something have something to offer.

The one I could really not take (and it's not an 'edit', dahhlink) was Silky Ganache. That bitch rubbed me the wrong way: childish, sloppy, ill-prepared and absolutely incapable of self-reflection, she was the thorn at my side for the duration of the show. I understand the producers needed the drama she brought (it's a reality tv show, after all) but seriously. They could have just left Miss Vanjie fill that void.

So Yvie Oddly. from the start, was absolutely in charge of her sui generis persona. She came into the workroom a vision in green with a remote-control toy race car. Conceptual, this girl. She was also a glamorous pink jellyfish and a T-Rex in heels. She could do glam, too: like when she was a Vogue-inspired monk or when she was a three-bodied, three-eyed alien. And I was here for all of this.

She also seemed to be the most self-reflective of the girls. She got in trouble with Miss Vanjie and with Silky when those queens refused to see that they were undermining their positions in the race by being oblivious to the comments of the judges and by not self-aware. Vanjie recovered from her tantrum and showed growth. Silky sulked. That says it all.

Yvie turned out THE lipsync of the season (and one of the best in herstory?) when she had to battle Brooke Lynn after the snatch game (something that both queens bombed, but that made their lip synch even better). Don't believe me? Go ahead, watch. And then tell me Ru was wrong when she declared a double 'Shante, you stay!' Apparently, there's no video of them battling it out during RPDR but his side by side may give you an idea of how awesome it was:

Yvie and Brooke Lynn face off again at the end (of course) and I knew that no matter whichever was gonna get the crown, I was gonna be happy. Both performers brought their best game and it showed. They knew their strenghts and they both know what looks good on them. Thew were on brand from the jump.

I still think Sikly (bitter to the end) was not worthy of being in the top four. A'Keria C Davenport, on the other side, did show poise and glam when they all watched the final decision. Oh, I'll have to explain, maybe: they record all four 'winning' but the real winner is revealed the day the program actually airs. Here's the queens watching who the real winner was:

So Yvie won. And like when Sharon Needles and Jinkx Monsoon won, I am happy. Love me an underdog story.  I also love a drag queen with a vision and with a point of view aesthetically. Yvie was not the most glam or the most fishy queen. She was, IMHO, one of the most artistic in this group (some called her a Dollar Store queen, hence the title of her video, duh) and one with a very strong point of view.

And now she's coming up with some other delicious concoction with Cazwell (oh, he needs his own post):

For more on this, you should also check Maddie’s posts on drag. Trust me, she's an expert and you’ll enjoy them.

Oh, and because there's of course thirst on everything that has do with queens, I'll leave you with Papa Oddly, who could get it any day:



  1. I'm totally with you.
    Loved Yvie,loved Brooklyn, loathed, LOATHED, Silky.
    At the end I would have been happy with whomever won, but was thrilled it was Oddly!

    And Papa Oddly ... Oh ........My ........Gah!

  2. I have nothing against the very original Yvie Oddly, but as a patriotic Canadian, I was disappointed that Brooke Lynn Hytes did not take the crown.

  3. Drag is suppose to be camp, not always fishy. The most entertaining queens I know like Lady Bunny, nina, dina martina, trixie mattell and miss richfield all are dollar store and thrift shop queens and have the most memorable style. Fishy takes talents, but one need to throw a camp aspect in there like Alyssa Edwards. I love Plastiqsue but at times that name fits her. The wigs are where we'd spend the doe. At this point I think rupaul is looking for new aspects to drag. Brooke Lynn probably didnt win, because I feel she didn't really wow with any new trick, like yvie, with that ultra creative head piece, and unexpected glam gown. She already has glam winners in bebe, raja, violet and aquaria. I myself think rupaul should have one more season to make 12, then for the final season bring back all 12 winners, and the five all star winners for a grand blow out drag winner. Now THAT would be a hell of a season.

  4. @Bob: yes! Yvie and Brooke were outstanding. Silky, on the other side, ugh. Talk about unlikable. Even in the finale, she seemed to be over everything before it all ended. Bless her heart.
    @Debra: LOL I know, right? But Brooke was a professional to the end. She even joked that first runner up was first in Canadian or something like that. She'll have a great career.
    @Maddie: I totally agree. Thrift store queens have the BEST style: glam and campy and very, very, creative. Brooke will do fine. And I think you are right: Rupaul is looking for the future of drag. She's saying it before. And a 12-winner-All-Star season would break the bank!



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