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Ice, ice, baby

Adam Rippon is one of the most effortlessly funny people I've seen. Really. Ever since he became part of the national consciousness and came back with a bronze medal in the Olympics, he hasn't stopped gifting us with his seemingly effortless joie de vivre, as it can be seen in this video -part of his YouTube channel- with another sweetheart: Gus Kenworthy. Because that's what he has: he seems to be living his best life and it shows.

I really didn't know what he was going to do after winning that medal. I'm not a sports person (duh) but I imagined he'd become some kind of sports commentator or something of that sort. Well, he went on to win Dancing with the Stars -and being a great skater that really didn't come as a surprise- and has kept on going. If you have not seen his performances in DWTS, treat yourself to some of those and be amazed. He is a natural.

Now, Adam is coming out with a memoir of sorts, and I am ready for it. He's been a great sportsman (winning several medals before he won that bronze at the Olympics) and I want to know what he has to say about his coming out, about his training, about being gay in a competitive sport and about how to survive fame. Because being under the unforgiving eye of the public cannot be easy. Being 'famous' has destroyed more than one life -and career- and surviving in a world that's constantly looking for the next flavor should be exhausting.

But Adam is also witty and funny and I'm sure that'll translate into his memoir. Do I think he wrote it? Probably not. Most famous people writing their memoirs have a ghost writer. I want his insights, and all the tea that comes with being a professional athlete at that level. Also, I'm interested in his coming out and how that affected (if it did) his professional life. I'm sure it wasn't easy. In a sport like figure skating, where men are thought to be gay by default -we as a society suck- being gay I'm sure is not easy. Seems contradictory, right? But for all that I've read, it is really not.

So good luck to Adam with this new endeavor. I'm sure going to get my greedy hands on his memoir as soon as it hits shelves. And now, some beefcake. Because objectifying men is my daily chore. And seriously, that butt!



  1. Adam is a hoot! And his interaction with Gus deserves a gold medal 🏅. His stance at the olympics, not meeting with Pence, endeared him to many. From what I’ve seen, he’s been very fortunate in his journey. I believe his mother was always there for him. And figure skating takes a LOT of dedication and long training sessions. And yes those ESPN photos show off some of his best assets.

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  2. I look forward to reading your book report!

  3. Gus + Hubby's kiss at the Olympics was, well, Olympic. Finally, a sport's moment for the ages and budding gays around the world. I wish I had seen something like that when I was wee swimmer trying to fit into my Speedos. I like Mr. Rippon. I'm not very familiar with his high-jinks, but I think it's great he's out there spreading glitter through the land. Heaven knows we need a bit more glitter these days.

  4. He works really, really hard at the gym to maintain that body... and it shows.

  5. sweet mother of pearl! (long low wolf whistle)

  6. Well... those two certainly are easy on the eyes! Isn't that fantastic for all the little gaylets out there growing up!

  7. Now clutch your pearls cutie, but it will most likely shock you to know, I have had many a sexual fantasy involving Adam and myself.

  8. Maddie, we need details!

  9. @Bae: yeah, he's been very dedicated. He deserved that win. And his mom seems super supportive!
    @Debra: haha yeah, that book is in my wish list as I type.
    @Walt: Oh, Gus is a darling! And glitter spreading should be an Olympic sport. Natch.
    @Dave: Yep, it does show. It does.
    @AnneMarie: same, girl. Same.
    @Steven: yes! we need that kind of role models, indeed.
    @Maddie: I think you just joined a long, long list, Mistress.



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