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The tenant of the right is no contest. You cannot contest what they say and you cannot quote them in a context. You cannot ask them to explain their points of view and you cannot basically question their point of view because they have a meltdown. That's basically why I don't have conservative 'friends'.

Case on point: Ben Shapiro.

Ben Shapiro is one of those right-wing beta males who usually want to 'debate' everybody. Ben infamously wanted to debate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (poor, poor delusional fool) and she didn't even pay attention. Why would she? Ben is one of those right wingers who usually 'pwns' people or 'destroys' them. For what I've seen, he only screams louder. No arguments, straw men, gaslighting, false equivalences, lies, the gamut of the right wing arsenal when you are trying to have a discussion with them.

Here, Beau is talking about how Ben threw a tantrum on TV because he was basically quoted. He called the man a 'liberal'. He conflates socialists, the left and liberals. There's no such thing in America. Liberals usually spouse ideas that seem 'leftist' because the repute have swerved so hard to the right that they're basically white supremacist adjacent.

The conservative echo chamber of Fox News has created such a cocoon for these clowns (Candace Owens is another one: she wants to be the black Ann Coulter. And can't) that when they're taken out of their element and encounter any kind of questioning or any kind of pushback, they declare the other person is a 'leftist' and refuse to talk any more with them. Ben stormed out of an interview with Andrew Neil (who actually leans to the right and worked with the kind of right wing media, Rupert Murdoch, for years) and told him that he (Ben) was famous and the nobody knew him (Neil). I laughed.

Here's a good takedown of the interview:

Ben Shapiro to me is the perfect example of the right wing neocons: whiny, entitled, bratty, marginally intelligent and childish. That's why I don't talk to republicans or right wingers. That's why my opinion of them and their ideas is lower than low. I refuse to engage with them in any kind of argument or discussion. I wish I had Andrew Neil's acumen and sang froid when talking to conservatives. I would take joy in absolutely demolishing their idiotic takes. But I'm way too emotional for that shit. I usually end up losing my cool and asking someone to hold my earrings while I go on to slap a bitch.



  1. those right wing nazis SHOULD BE SLAPPED. HARD. AND OFTEN.

    I don't associate with them either; not worth my time.

  2. I’m glad you opened with Beau’s video. Mostly to illustrate that you can’t judge a book by its cover. If you just looked at his picture you would think “here’s another backwater hick espousing right wing shit about his love of guns (the bigger the better) and all the other talking points.” But he presents some well thought out videos and is very sane.

    Now contrast that with the real subject of your post. Bennie boy is a spoiled child, that when confronted, throws a tantrum and takes his toys (and yours, too) and goes home. And that’s what passes for debate on the right in the US. I’m with you babe, fuck ‘em!

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  3. Luckily I have no idea who this is. I believe my life is richer for it.

  4. Who? Another porn star gone Mormon? Is there a vaccine? Mercy!

  5. I have a good friend who is gay but sounds just like this Ben. My friend debates everybody, is a very conservative Republican and I believe isnt comfortable with being gay. But he had no problem sucking my cock or trying to fuck. Needless to say he was a nice guy, but I can't take home any longer. His views were getting crazy. And home are you gay and not support the lifestyle. Your gay and suck dick. Live with it.

  6. You can't debate someone who doesn't listen, and someone with only one active brain cell.

  7. Yes, has quite the reputation for being an asswipe. He's a perfect example of the immature mentally of all conservatives, for some reason their brain stops growing when they hit 13.

  8. @annemarie: slap a Nazi should be a national pastime. Really 😆
    @bae: the thing is that most conservative repugs are like that. And they call libs snowflakes.
    @debra: it is! These characters are really noise in the matrix.
    @walter: oh if only there were a vaccine. I wait. It’s called critical thinking.
    @maddie. You are a better person than I. I can’t stand anybody this obtuse. Really.
    @bob: Lmaoooo one active brain cell is right.
    @dave: he’s what the right wingers consider ‘smart’. He’s good at rhetoric when he has the upper hand. Funny how all the incels are repugs.


  9. I know exactly who he is, I have watched many of his videos on YouTube. I just don't find him as smart as some think he is. I find that he just talks and talks and talks and talks maybe making him sound smart to some people. I also think that he is just a narrow minded little man with some kind of chip on his shoulder.

  10. @Steven: He is the dumb man smart man. Like Cheeto is the rich man to stupid people who have no sense of money. He just babbles away. He's marginally educated and can scream right wing talking points over people in a conversation. That does not make him intelligent. And I just can imagine that chip is the size of the Empire State building. He's also quite short, which seems to contribute to his rage LMAOOO


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