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So RuPaul went back to his roots. Kinda. Now Mother has a daytime talk show (like the one she had back in the 80's?) and I found it charming and fun! I don't have the time to watch too many talk shows (I only do The Daily Show and Colbert on youtube and John Oliver) but I found myself actually enjoying this.

Ru is well, Ru. Warm, a consummate conversationalist and witty and inspirational in equal measure. He's been very smart and he's inviting people who are personable and fun. He's probably going to create sections in the show (like 'real people' sections or 'fanmail' sections) and the gimmicks are cute (they come down a 'runway'.

There's also Michelle Visage and Ross Matthews at hand to have a little KiKi and add warmth and camaraderie. Ru and Michelle know the ropes. They've been in media for YEARS and the banter is fun and easygoing.

So I'm gonna keep watching. Because I think that Ru may go the way of daytime and will find a replacement to be the jury in Drag Race. Maybe one of the 100+ queens who've been in the program. Or maybe Lady Bunny or a rotating stable of guest judges. Who knows!

As for now, I've enjoyed the first installments. And you should watch also the second one, with Paula Abdul and Adam Rippon. I was laughing like a maniac.  And the third one, with Cory Booker (and his surprise). Ready to binge watch? Get yourself to the Tube. And enjoy!



  1. I don't watch tv, but I may make an exception for ru.

  2. I wish I had the time! Like you, I watch very few talk shows, the Daily Show and Colbert. I used to watch James Corden but realized that he had very little talk and more shtick so I cut him out. I do like a lot of the DC universe on the CW plus the Chicago based dramas on NBC. That pretty much fills my DVR. If I had the time I’d probably add Ru, but then there wouldn’t be time for some more important things, if you know what I mean 😘.

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  3. I haven't seen it yet, but if he's bringing Michelle along, count me in!

  4. Ru has a show? And I don't know about it? Where?! When?! How?! Oh, but you must tell me. Come on over and we'll watch together!

  5. Who knows what will happen. But Lady Bunny probably wouldnt take it. Her schedule is insane and she is actually mixed about the concept of making queens jump through hoops. But that's another story. Maybe I'll share her video about that.

  6. I'm like Anne, don't watch TV... except for the cycling I get through my NBC Sports Gold pass.

  7. @annemarie: I don’t watch cable either. I stream everything. I found Ru online.
    @bae: LoL I know! I’m watching this cause it’s a limited run.
    @debra: I know! It’s a run test. Hopefully it’ll become a full fledged series.
    @bob: Michele and Ross and the tea is served.
    @walter: oh, I so would sit with you to watch this!
    @maddie: you think so? Bunny would be a hoot. But I can see why she wouldn’t do it, and yes, you should post about her taking over RPDR.
    @dave: why did I know this? 🤣



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