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One round, two to go. Did you break a sweat?

It's always interesting watching any of these beautiful men exercise and serve as inspiration to either start a workout routine or a diet or just start walking more. I am always mesmerized by their incredible agility and especially because of the ease in which they slip on the physicality of the whole endeavor. They make it look easy and graceful. It's like watching a ballet.

Men like Chris here are welcome in my world because they're like mini-super heroes. A body like that requires huge amounts of time and an unbreakable dedication. I imagine the last time he ate bread was when he was in middle school. And the last time he did not exercise for four hours a day was probably ten years ago. That body does not come easy. He's so symmetrical I don't even mind the tattoos.

The prowess of fitness models (because I think men like this ARE a kind of role models, not because of their obvious beauty, but because of their drive) is not as much the result of their hard work but the hard work invested in it. There's no denying that Chris Heria is an incredibly attractive man, but it's the way he seems to make everything he does so absolutely easy (when we all know that two burpees in we'll be hyperventilating on the floor) what I find attractive. Men with a purpose are attractive.

I think he should be commended by his dedication and admired for his beauty. When we see these men in the cover of magazines, or in movies or in porn, we go for the most obvious: their physical perfection. We don't think about the hours of arduous exercise, the absolute deprivation of anything sweet or salty or remotely unhealthy in their diets and the constant monitoring of their exercising routine. Not to mention the hours and hours spent in making those bodies function and look like incredibly beautiful and well-tuned machines.

They become who they are through sheer willpower. It's not easy being pretty. And it hurts.
And I'll objectify the fruit of their effort every step of the way. It's only fair.



  1. You are so right. Everyone want to see a beautiful body. But the upkeep! Neck ink is something new but interesting, I'm seeing it more and more guys who have them. Gravy and biscuits for me.

  2. Not for me. Too many tatts. I prefer my men flawed, soft around the edges, well-balanced, with a dad-bod and home full of books, records, and fun knick knacks to play with (settle down Maddie). They work out, but they don't post photos of themselves about it. And they don't talk about it much. It's just one more thing they do. They enjoy the heck out of a slice of pizza and beer, and use one spoon to eat ice cream they share with you on the couch watching a flick. And when you ask them "Beach or gym?", they look at you like, Really? Grab a towel and on the way out say, "The nude one, right?" And I'm like, Phft! "Yeah! Duh!"

  3. His exercise regime has inspired me greatly. I could sit and watch him work out while I enjoy a glass of bubbly. I dont like that many tats....but on him, there is something I like about them.

  4. Walter...I'm flawed, not quite a dad bod yet, I have one hard edge...and a home filled with records CD, books and odds and ends and I like watching movies under a blanket!!!!

  5. He works really, really hard to look like that even if he makes it look easy. He could do without some of the tats though, they're going to look horrendous when he gets older.

  6. My what a beautiful specimen. As you said the sheer dedication is admirable. And for many of these men that is their livelihood. Taking care of their bodies is a full time job. And it pays off handsomely for a select few. And we now have so many influencers all over cyberspace that we can have a different flavor everyday.

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  7. @jimmy: I know, right? The upkeep is the hardest part. I cannot imagine the amount of dedication. I’m iffy with neck tattoos. Some men can pull them off, though.
    @walter: oh I like tattoos in some men. But yes, men soft around the edges are yummy. I think they’re called musclebears or dadbods. With to me translates as ‘the man next door’. And duh! Beach over gym any day! Wait, what Knick knacks are we talking about?
    @Maddie: girl I’m with you! Could watch him for hours, tattoos and all. And I think Walter would like to get under that blanket. Who wouldn’t?
    @dave: yep. That’s a lot of work behind those pecs. And I agree about some of the tattoos. Once I asked a guy about how his tats would look when he was seventy and he said ‘I that age, I will have other problems to think about’. I kinda agree.
    @bae: yep, he’s beautiful. And yes, it does pay for some of these influencers to look that nice. And yes, the web offers a wide variety of flavors.



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