Nic and Carla

So these are Nic and Carla and I am fascinated by their story. Really. They are a couple and they are truck drivers. They drive around the country and are paid for it. That's a strong commitment, living and working with your partner. I commend anybody who works and lives with their significant other. Goddess, that's a lot of work. Also, who knew that lesbians could be that mechanically oriented? Just kidding. Of course they are.

I think the idea of driving around the country and living literally on the road gives me a little bit of anxiety ( I crave security, if you know me, you'd know this) but it does look like lots of fun. Wide open spaces and an RV. The views alone would be worth whole trips. I'm not sure if a nomadic lifestyle is the thing for me but I know plenty people who would love to do this. I guess there's something basically American in that desire of freedom without boundaries.

I am also kind of worried about them because they're one the one side, female and on the other, black. It may not go easily down in some corners of the country, especially in the south or on very white midwestern towns. Of course they sound like they really know what they are doing and seem to be enjoying it, so more power to them. I think I would like to do some traveling some day, but of course, I would probably try to do it on an Airstream rather than a truck and I'd probably have to travel with somebody because I'm mechanically challenged and I would rather have company if I happen to be driving through the bible belt. Have you ever read Desperation? Children of the Corn? Stephen King has ruined the idea of driving around America for me. Oh, and there's also the news.

So yeah, two women truckers. And they sound like a ton of fun. Ready to put it in fourth gear?



  1. OMG these ladies are awesome! Kudos to them for their bravery and following their dream. Their story is very inspiring. Like you I would like to take an extended road trip in an RV. My neighbor has a camper trailer and they’re always packing up the kids and heading out in the summer to baseball tournaments and such. I would imagine campsites are cheaper than hotel rooms.

    But getting rid of everything and living in the road? I don’t know if I could do that.

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  2. Luv them! They've got more balls than most men I know. I love how many times they say the word "load." Hee hee hee hee.

  3. Good on them. i like the idea of traveling around like that with Carlos; but as a job? I don't know how we'd work together 24/7.
    Fun together, yes; work? Not so much,

  4. Nic and Carla are great! Thanks for introducing me to their videos!

  5. This puts cruising truck drivers in a whole new light! lol

  6. more power to them! I need my job and my spouse needs his job; I would NOT wanna be together 24/7. that would SO grate on my nerves. we both need time away from each other to make this marriage work.

  7. They have a very interesting life, but I wouldn't want my life to be interesting in that way. Perhaps I've been domesticated for too long.

  8. let's ride ho's! im sure the cb talk and handles could be fun alone.

  9. @Bae:I think it should be cheaper to basically bring your hotel with you than paying three hundred dollars a night for good service. And I like the idea of traveling, but living like that may prove demanding.
    @Walter: LMAOOO yep. There's many 'loads' there. And yes, they're courageous. i wouldn't know how to do it.
    @Bob: I agree! Fun together? All the time. Work together? Nope, thanks!!
    @Debra: I went down the rabbit hole in their youtube channel, so yeah. LOL
    @Jimmy: can you IMAGINE the fun?
    @AnneMarie: I agree with your 100%. I need my space.
    @Dave: it takes a very special kind of person to be able to live like that. The rest of us need a permanent address.
    @Anita: Ha! Can you imagine the CB talk at the Pickle Parks? Sign me up!



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