Oh, Luke

You have probably heard of Cazwell. I think he's been here on this blog before. Oh, you haven't? Cazwell is one of those Downtown New York denizens that is actually fun and has talent. Him and Amanda Lepore are one of those dynamic duos who are always popping on gay blogs. He's been around for awhile and if you had not heard of him, well, here you go.

Cazwell has the most fun videos ever. Witty, catchy and very, very gay. Just as I like them. He's very gritty and very fun. He's very 'downtown New York'. He's gay without restraints and his videos and songs have a raw sexuality that is sometimes missing in other LGBTQ artists. He likes men and it shows. And I like that.

Loose wrists, because obviously:

Then there's Hot Homo, with Big Dipper:

And Cazwell and Yvie Oddly, the season 11 winner of RuPaul's Drag Race:

But my favorites are two: Ice cream truck

And Rice and Beans:

I like how he objectifies men of color, something you don't see often in mainstream pop. So whaddaya say? Wanna stop and gawk?



  1. I am stopping.
    I am gawking.

  2. OMG! Borderline Sleaze. I LOVE IT! Rice and Beans is my fav. What a fun post.

  3. I'm an old gay! I'm an old gay

  4. He's attractive. I think if he edged his way into something with a little more hip hop musicality he might actually get his message out there.

  5. hmmmmmmmmmmm, "loose wrists" boyz know how to moveitmoveit!

  6. I’m sorry, did you say something? 😜

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  7. I never heard of this guy before BUT I FREAKING LOVED THIS!!! I love how he is in your face about being gay, I love how the guys are expressing their sexuality in the videos! Fuck me but are those guys hot!!! I really enjoyed these, they are a lot of fun too!

  8. @bob: and I don’t blame you! 🤣
    @jimmy: I know right? Same!
    @john: age ain’t nothing but a number! I bet you were keeping with the beat.
    @dave: well, you do know how homophobic hip hop is. His collab with Big Dipper is a parody of a rap song btw
    @annemarie: they DO know how to moveitmoveit! Am II right?
    @bae: total silence...
    @steven: yes! Totally in your face and sexy. And yes, they ARE. 😎

  9. I told you I have missed you.


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