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Happy fourth!

With the Orange Dotard in the White House making an spectacle of everything this country stands for, America is gonna need more than Captain America to recover. 


  1. I think the best thing the Resistance can do today is to ignore him.
    That'll hurt his giant, cheese-filled ego.

  2. Hhapy 4th to you too! We must not let the pile of 💩 ruin the meaning of this day. Will you and Huntley be making fireworks!!! Hope you have a good one. My Warbucks is here, so that will be always highly entertaining. We leave for Europe tomorrow.

    Happy 4th!!!!!🎉🎈🎉🎏🎊

  3. Hope for rain in DC.

  4. Oh c'mon. Captain America's pecs aren't THAT small.

  5. The weather looks like it's pretty much going to be a shit show when the Idiot Jerk takes stage, if he takes stage. And I've heard no predictions as to crowd size, small though, like his hands and dick.

    You, have an enjoyable 4th. Eat a wiener for me!

  6. @annemarie: punching a Nazi should be an Olympic sport!
    @Bob: and that I did. Somebody published a list of things to do during the speech (click on live feels and then close the window) so it counted as a no-no) but I just did not watch. I enjoyed the roast they did of him on twitter tho when he mentioned planes during the revolution. Idiot.
    @Maddie: thanks, darling! I had a good time!
    @jimmy: I did! And it rain! The stench of wet racists was probably overpowering lol
    @debra: I know, right? I wanted an illustration with that ass but couldn’t find it!
    @dave: I did not eat the wiener I wanted! But I did watch some cool fireworks though! LoL @ the small size of his... crowd?



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