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You cannot help but feel sorry for a country governed by a kakistocracy. The ineptitude, the corruption, the unbelievable stupidity.  The racism, bigotry and lack of awareness  that can be seen in all the things that are not thought out and that permeate every inch of of 45's presidency. There are so many things that are so batantly inadequate and gauche that I don't understand how Cheeto can get away with all this bullshit.

This presidential seal was behind Cheeto when he was talking to the future of bigotry: a youth summit sponsored by Turning Point America, a rabid pro-Cheeto group that gave him the adulation he so cravenly desires. It contained a double-headed eagle, a symbol of empire and dominance. The eagle is grabbing a set of golf clubs clutched in one foot and instead of 'E pluribus unum' it says '45 es un titere'. Hysterical. And highly descriptive of what the presidency of 45 is.

I don't know much about politics, but I know that 45 has got to go. I tend to agree that he most probably will have to be voted out, because the repugs will never give up the power they have, from putting judges who favor them all over the US to making sure the election is rigged to favor Cheeto. And the Dems are not as cohesive (or corrupt) as the Repugs and I don't see them pushing impeachment as a group. Twitler will have to be voted out and taken into custody.

Mueller clearly said if Cheeto were not president, he'd be in jail. And I cannot wait for that to happen. The sooner, the better. I'm tired of this fuckery.



BTW, if you want GOOD political analysis or discussion (and a side of dick) you should read Infidel, Michael in Norfolk or Gods And Men.


  1. De tin marin de dos pingüé, de cucara macara titere fue!
    Goodness! I have not heard that in YEARS!!!
    Impeach the bastard! Though I believe the only way we are going to get rid of Trumputin is by voting him out of office, and not a day too soon.

  2. And what is more appalling is Mueller has already said our resources have proof already Russia will meddle and is already rigging the next election. So why is nobody doing nothing? I guess his supporters want Russia to run the country? I still think he is a puppet put in place to hand over our country to some crazy ruler or dictator, and then they take over and send him away with millions. If they are indeed already rigging the election, what chance do any of the democratics have? And if people dont vote him and this administration out, this country will only get what it deserves for laziness to not vote and for some people's stupidity.

  3. That seal is wonderful. The double-headed eagle looks exactly like the one in the Russian national coat of arms. Incredible that no one noticed during the speech and changed it.

    The Republicans are clinging to power at any cost because they know that once they lose it, it's gone for good. Their base is a shrinking minority and they've alienated everyone else. If Democrats hold the House and take the Presidency and Senate in 2020, they can pass federal legislation to wipe out state-level gerrymandering and vote-suppression laws, without which Republicans have no hope of ever getting a House majority again. They can expand the Supreme Court and appoint non-wingnut judges to the new seats, negating the effect of the two seats filled by an illegitimately-elected President. If they have the guts to do those things, the Republicans will never win national-level power again unless they reform themselves beyond recognition.

    Thanks for the link!

  4. The cash in the one claw/foot made me spit my coffee. Very clever, but also very sad that the US has come to this.

  5. Why would the Idiot Jerk notice, he doesn't see anything unless it's groveling in front of him. The sad truth is this fits this president... to a Tee.

  6. @dave - I see what you did there!

    "if Cheeto were not president, he'd be in jail. And I cannot wait for that to happen. The sooner, the better. I'm tired of this fuckery." - FUCK YEAH! so are the 66 million of us that voted for hillary!

  7. What a wonderful stunt. And they say it was a mistake! You don’t just find this with a quick google search (until today). This was created back in 2016 by a (former) repug graphic designer.

    And did you see the DOJ has reinstated the death penalty? Astounding. Do you happen to know what the penalty is for treason? 😈

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  8. @walter: heh that children’s song! And yes, he needs to be voted out of office. Difficult with the repugs letting Russia rig the election in his favor.
    @maddie: that’s my fear. That people will do nothing. His base will not change their minds. It’s the rest of the country that has to mobilize. Look what they did in Puerto Rico!
    @infidel: I agree! Once the repugs lose the upper hand they’re done. And they know it. Hence Cheeto and Vlad fucking up the system.
    @Jimmy: omg I did not notice the cash! Lmaoooo the devil IS in the details! So perfect.
    @Dave: yes, it does!
    @annemarie and those sixty million need to get more people to vote. With rigged elections and misinformation campaigns from Russia, strength is in numbers!
    @bae: really? I know of never trumpers but this is excellent trolling!



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