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  1. I heard this morning that fires are common for this time of year but nothing like what is happening right now. We were told this would happen over and over and people didn't believe it. The rain forest is on fire, people need to think about that statement "the RAIN forest is on fire, "RAIN" forest. Something really wrong with that statement.

  2. Human greed and stupidity carries on unabated, as usual.

  3. I'd heard that Brazil's president is a Right Wing-nut who wants to clear the rain forest in order to plant soybeans to sell to the Chinese.... In other words, another dumb fuck president.

  4. They call the Amazon tge lings of the planet because ~20% of Earth’s oxygen is generated there. So think of this as lung cancer and how this will affect us all. They’re also not sure if this was a natural occurrence or man made. Regardless, the Brazilian response has been slow.

    XOXO 😢

  5. @steven this is man made. And yes, people have been told for years that the Amazon is the lungs of the earth, but Bolsonaro, a third rate Cheetolini, thinks it’s just up for sale.
    @debra: indeed! The delusional right wing government of Brazil foolishly believes this will bring them money.
    @dave: yep, a third world vicious power hungry ignorant fool with power.
    @bae: the Brazilian response has been less 5en minimal. They want to sell the land for cattle.



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