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When it comes to sex education, YouTube is one of the most hypocritical places you can find. Oh, how do I know? Because they basically have demonetized several times some of my favorite queer, sex-positive channels. And we all know that creators make their coin with, well, views and likes.

Whatts the Safeword is my FAVORITE sex-positive place on YouTube. Amp, who is super personable, funny and above all, informative, provides knowledge in a safe, open space and talks about bondage, kinks, vanilla and everything related to sex. From how to hog tie your significant other (or flavor of the month/week/day) to keeping up with bedroom etiquette. Amp is also a voice that stands out when it comes to fairness to sex workers, starts conversations about discrimination in the gay community and calls out hypocrisy and bullshit.

But YouTube, those of the hypocritical rainbow everything during pride, keeps demonetizing and flagging down LGBTQ and sex-positive accounts, probably following the example they saw on Tumblr (ugh). I know, think of the children and all that bullshit. But YouTube does target anything LGBTQ and even more if there's sex ed included.

I call bullshit. That's why I follow Whatts the Safeword and many other sex-positive and queer channels. I give them views and I give them likes so YouTube knows better. YouTube is a whore. Wherever they see there's money to be had and clickbait, they'll go. So I hope from now on you start watching Amp and his awesome channel. I have learned A LOT. And I've been around the block once  or twice by now.

Happy viewing!


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  1. Mon Dieu! There seems to be a lot of sex +, or gay sexuality censorship going on after Tumblr's tumble. IG accounts are disappearing. FB groups vanish overnight. Profiles are being suspended. The last bastion of free porn (la Net) is being sterilized by digital media companies! Is Russia taking aim at gay profiles? Why don't they take guns away instead of porn and sexuality! Je ne compre pas! As my friend the Maharishi of Kama Sutra once said to me during a severe tongue lashing, "You are being punished for enjoying the naughty, naughty." I had to agree it was well deserved.

  2. I watch Watts The Safe Word. My question is, would you let a stranger you picked up (or picked you up) tie you up? Hmmm?????

    Tbh, what I haven't ever done - I've tried to do. :)

    I've stumbled onto all kinds of male nudity under the heading of sex education.

    ps- Where's Mr Christopher?

  3. @conde: monsieur, that is an absolute truth. The platforms try to homogenize themselves to cater to tween and 5ey go to hell. Just heard that tumblr, who was worth all of the money, sold quietly again for a few million. After it was the next big thing. When I left, I told the stupid bitch who closed my blog that I gave them a year. Prophetic. And yes, please more porn less weapons.
    @jimmy: aren’t they the most fun? And Amp started the channel without Mr. Kristopher (woof!). I should post about them.
    @Jonh: be you aren’t. I need to make a post about kinks very soon.


  4. Late to the party but you’ve got some knot tying skills to sharpen.

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍đź’‹‍👨


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