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Fuck google. And fuck YouTube for being dicks. The issue of google not showing LGBTQ+ creators or YouTube demonetizing their videos at the drop of a hat while they let white supremacists flourish and amass millions of views is a disgrace.

YouTube demonetizes and flags videos with the word 'transgender' in them and bloggers get a 'strike'
for as much as mentioning the use of testosterone in their videos. What kind of fuckery is that? What YouTube does, though is to run anti-LGBTQ ads alongside videos by LGBTQ creators. How's that for Orwellian?

So now LGBTQ creators are suing Google and I'm here for it. Google, that along with YouTube plays along during Pride month and it's all rainbows and pleas for equality fucks up queer creators while pretending to be an ally. YouTube, of course will maintain that 'everybody' is treated equally, but I hope the complaint sticks and they are unmasked as the homophobes they really are.

What's even more unnerving, is that YouTube lets white supremacists and and right-wing personalities get away with doxxing and harassing people and do nothing to stop them, claiming they're not gonna have a 'knee jerk' reaction when harassment is reported. Bullshit. It's all about the money with YouTube.

YouTube has been basically promoting right-wing talking points since forever and has become worse after Cheeto became president. YouTube has become a radicalization tool of angry white men and does nothing to stop the spread of hate and yet demonizes any video that's sex positive or LGBTQ positive.

So what did I do? I went and started following LGBTQ vloggers because if it is clicks what YouTube wants, that's what it's gonna get. I am not going to pay for their Red bullshit. That's basically what that move is: getting people to pay for content that they want. I like my YouTube free with free speech. They don't get to set rules for white supremacists and one for LGBTQ creators. Fuck YouTube.

You too, can give these LGBTQ creators a follow and help them fight Goliath. Go ahead, I support you.


LGBTQ+ creators in the community have many claims where we have experienced discrimination, unfair and deceptive business practices, restraint of speech and are finally speaking up for themselves and the entire LGBTQ+ community.

The Eight LGBTQ+ Plaintiffs Filing Lawsuit Include:
Bria and Chrissy :
Chase Ross:
Lindsay Amer
Celso Dulay, Chris Knight,, and Cameron Stiehl, co-host of GNews!

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  1. Good luck to them and the lawsuit! Keep us updated!

  2. I hadn't heard this, but it disgusts me.

  3. I noticed that if I make the mistake of listening to one right-wing video, I get an absolute flood of suggestions for more rightwing videos. Compare that to watching a gay video, I may get two or three suggestions at most. I mostly watch nature videos with wild animals, day after day, yet I often get more suggestions to watch right wing speakers. Very suspicious.

  4. Youtubers do get to pick categories ads shown on their channels are supposed to fall under. The real problem tends to be the right wing advertisers who pay large sums to advertise and label their ads deceptively. Youtube needs to update their algorithms.

  5. Go get 'em tiger!

  6. @debra: yes! Absolutely. I hope something comes out of this and encourages other creators to do the same.
    @bob: lgbtq creators have talked about it but this is the first time they have done something united
    @steven: same! I watch Colbert and Trevor Noah and I’ve noticed that YouTube tries to get me to watch right wingers and Nazis because of the titles of the videos. What I do is that if it’s an old video, I give it a thumbs down. I follow many of these lgbtq creators and always give them a thumbs up. YouTube only understands money, so...
    @dave: well, right wingers are deceptive by nature, so yeah. And YouTube only cares about revenue, they won’t do anything if not prompted.
    @jimmy: that’s right! Goliath fell, too.



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