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If you read Towleroad (an I know many of you read it and also JoeMyGod, my favs) you've probably noticed the Hot Links section: some quick links and then some eye candy here and there for good measure. Just like chicken soup for the soul but beefier. What I've noticed is that it features mostly muscle bound hotties and the insta-influencers we all know and have ogled occasionally. Lately, some men of color have been added, to break the monotony (monochromie?).

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But sometimes they feature some men that I'd qualify as much more interesting: not muscle bound, not chiseled, not manscaped. I'd say those are some Hot Links I'd like to see more often. Some gay men insist that looking at those demi-gods is much better, because if they'd wanted to look at 'common' men, they'd just go out on the street. And they may be right. Hey, 'preferences', am I right?

But I beg to disagree. A little context: a week ago I was in Market Days in Chicago. I got off the train and suddenly I realized I have seldom seen so many extremely attractive men in such a small blueprint. In the length of a few blocks I saw more tanned, buffed, objectively attractive men outside of a gay bar than I've seen in the last six months combined.. Come to think about it, Market Days was like a giant gay bar with dozens and dozens of men primped and primed to attract other men. The thing is, I can appreciate those men. Who wouldn't? They're fucking beautiful. Duh. I am not blind. But to tell you the truth is that for my personal consumption, I usually prefer men who are less... perfect?

Call me silly, but I think that the possibility of bedding an extremely attractive man would make me feel a little... intimidated? Because I know that I am not a six-foot one, chiseled musclebound twenty two-year-old. I also know that natural selection calls for us to find the most attractive mate we can possibly find and then go for it. Because I'm not doing it for reproduction, I would do it just for... aesthetic's sake? And pleasure. Let's not forget pleasure. Remember that's one of the reasons why the religious wrong hates our guts: we fuck for pleasure and they cannot take it. So it's apparently logical that I'd go for the Adonis rather than for Joe Schome. But it's not that simple.

Even though we could conclude that many gay men basically make themselves as attractive as they possibly can in order to attract as many mates as possible, not all of us fit that model. And a whole industry has been created around it: gyms, clothing, potions and creams, razors and trimmers, plastic surgery, you name it. All out of solipsism and self-gratification. And I think that theoretically speaking, that is a perfectly acceptable justification. Why not make ourselves as attractive as we can if that means more dick? Any sane man would say yes. Right?

Practically speaking, I think men who don't check all the boxes (hair, skin, pecs, abs, legs, body fat, amount of body hair, age, etc) are many times much more interesting and sometimes even better in bed than their much more attractive counterparts. Oh, I have been fucked by the gym bunny next door before but the difference is that I have been THOROUGHLY fucked but the dadbod next door. And there IS a difference. There seems to a freedom that comes with not being tied to certain pre-specified parameters of physical beauty that make the 'common' men them more... free? I don't mind my man with a love handle (or two) or with a belly. I don't mind a dadbod at all. I don't mind a scruffy beard that has not been carefully trimmed. Or a mustache that's gone a little bushy. I don't mind moobs where there used to be pecs. I don't mind a bald plate or a receding hairline. I don't mind wrinkles that stay after he smiles. I don't mind gray hair. I don't mind glasses. I don't mind men over forty. Or fifty. I don't mind skin color. I only draw the line at republicans. That's a no-no.

In other words, I don't mind a some 'imperfection' in my man. That, for me, makes my man just perfect.

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P.S. don't get me wrong, if some hot piece of beefcake with a swole body like let's say, presidential candidate John Delaney would like to hit it hard, I'd let him fuck me into next week.... repeatedly. So I'm not THAT virtuous.


  1. Diversity is good, especially in our own community!

  2. See.. this is why I wuv you!!! I'm on the same page, sure the perfect guys are hot but my buttons get really pressed by ordinary guys, the imperfections are what makes men attractive to me. A little tummy, an extra hairy chest, balding on the top, all can push my buttons. Mostly it's attitude, he can be a little chubby but if he is friendly, down to earth, sense of humor, then watch out!

  3. The pride turban is a cracker...I love it

  4. The still do their hotties, but I think they've realized everyone is hot.

  5. NO ONE is perfect (except me, tee hee).

    ladies would not give my husband a second glance when he was single; those ladies were the losers.

    none of my 4 guys (peter, ex-husband, john, current husband) were GQ or esquire material, but who gives a fat flying fuck! they had other qualities that attracted me to them.

  6. @bob: yes! I think we could be more inclusive, though. There's still too many cliques and silly mean girls in the community.
    @steven: yes, baby. It's all in the attitude! We do seem to be on the same wavelength, huh?
    @john: oh, that was the best part of it!
    @dave: yes, they've included more men of color, too. Good for them!
    @annemarie: but of course we knew that! And yes, who gives a flying fuck. People who are superficial do not deserve good things.


  7. Sorry I missed this on publication date but I can confirm your varied tastes. Over 60, more than a dad bod, here. And we’ve had some fun times together. And looking forward to finding some time for some more. And you are quite the catch, babe. Anyone who has the opportunity to be with you is VERY fortunate.

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨


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