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Since feminism and social engineering have all but destroyed hypergamy as an option for average working men in Anglo America, the best option for the man who wishes to make hypergamy work in his favor is to expatriate to a location in which he still retains his rightful, respected social status as a productive, useful member of society. He can then use this as a bargaining chip with women, who are genetically coded to seek out men of higher status than themselves.


I was reading online (as one is wont to do) and I came across about an article about the lengths the incels will go to become a 'Chad'. I was mesmerized. I know some gay men are obsessed with physical appearance and basically starve themselves for a six pack and will even injure themselves to have the pecs of their dreams. But straight men? I thought they were the most carefree beings in creation and went through life drinking horrible IPA beer and trying to look cool with a hammer in their hands. Boy, was I wrong.

Apparently, in the Manosphere, Beta straight males form forums and create spaces to whine about women not wanting to fuck them. Yep. That is their main complaint: women -against whom they have the most terrifying biases- apparently are not willing to date a man who thinks they are in a cock-carousel until they are thirty and then, because they're 'used up' they pair up with 'inferior' men so they don't stay single. What fresh hell was that?

Wait. There's more. Because they're 'involuntary' celibates, they dream up ways in which a girl (usually very pretty, smart, with a job and not interested in them) is going to say no to them. Then they decide that it's not their shitty, mysoginistic attitude what keeps girls away but the way they look. Because women are apparently that vacuous. I could not believe that bullshit.

They live in awe of the Chad and at the same time they despise him. They crave the high cheekbones, the square jaw, the high foreheads and the manly noses. They long for the wide shoulders and the small waists. They hate him but wanna BE him. How's that for making your life impossible? The cognitive dissonance is so thick you could cut it with a knife. They think all their problems with girls (and life, I imagine) will go away if they would just look like those men they consider privileged and highly desirable. Of course, this is all product of their feverish imagination because I cannot imagine that ALL women like the same kind of guy but hey, who am I to call bullshit on their inferiority complex?

They would also apparently be willing to go to extremes to BE Chad:

Truth4lie’s friends hated Chad, but they were also convinced their lives would improve significantly if they could somehow become Chad. They tried “gymceling” and “steroidmaxxing” (incel-speak for bodybuilding and taking steroids). They tried jelqing (penis-stretching exercises) and mewing (chewing hard foods to bulk up the masseter muscles, said by British orthodontist Mike Mew to augment the jawline). They tried pulling on their faces to reshape them. They got into skin care.


They would blame their unfuckability on their bone structure, for example, and would obsess about ways to be less pudgy or have better skin and even research plastic surgery to alter their faces and look like a male model. They would think about breaking their clavicles and have jaw implants and ribs removed to become that Chad they idolize and despise at the same time. And I thought that gay men were absolutely obsessed with their bodies and how other men perceived them. But I also know that we have men in the kink and the Bear community who could give two shits about body shape or perfectly chiseled features. Yes, I would say that many gay men (that I know) are indeed obsessed with the way they look and the way they are perceived by other men (remember the no fats, no fems, no Asians on Grindr?) and will ostracize other men just because hey don't look in a certain way.

But I was truly surprised by these findings about cisgender straight men. And appalled. Because there's a subset of straight men who think women are on earth to despise them and at the same time would be willing to carve their faces and bodies and go through weeks of recovery to achieve an ideal that apparently only exists in their feverish imaginations. For all the body shaming that goes on in the gay community, I could not fathom the intensity of the barely disguised hatred that some Incels feel for women.

Some Incel forums have made Dr. Barry Eppley famous because they say he'll give them the face they need. Dr. Eppley apparently does more masculinization surgeries on cisgender straight men than he does feminization surgery in MTF trans patients. Go figure. Incels believe that it's biology that determines beauty, not cultural norms (WTF?) and meanwhile they obsess about their lot in life and blame women for all their shortcomings.

And I thought that gay dating apps were bad. Damn.



  1. incels also spend all their time in front of a computer screen. all they know are video games/chats/etc. they have no other interests. they don't know how to speak with other guys, yet alone girls. their main line is "hey baby, let's fuck" 10 minutes after you meet them. they live at home with their mommies. I met some of these when I was dating 25 years ago.

    it's NOT how an incel looks, but how he ACTS around women that make us str8 girls go ewwwwwwwwwwwwww! no wonder they wind up as domestic terrorists!

  2. I agree with you and Anne Marie. It’s not their looks, but the person they are. Their social skills are seriously lacking. They will probably develop a huge disdain for women and may act out irrationally against them. Yet more pressure placed on them to succeed in certain areas of their lives.

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  3. From what I see, most women want a guy that will treat them right, is a solid guy they can rely on and would be a family man if they want children etc. I think they are mostly looking for stability and reliability from a partner. These are things they don't find in men who stay in the basement playing video games 24/7. Any decent straight man can find a partner sooner or later, it's about attitude mostly. Instead of making fun of these guys however, I wish society would try to get through to them, most are probably shy guys that just need a little help.

  4. Ma chere, the gays have done it to themselves pitting muscles and masculinity against what a real man's body looks like. Women do it pitting Vogue vs themselves. And now cisgender men are doing it to themselves. It's the circle of life, no? Blame IG and the self-promoting beauties who feed carefully edited timelines with biceps, pectorals, and crotches worthy of Michaelangelo! It was I who declared when I toyed with the first version of Photoshop, "Reality as we know it is gone!" And now, with body and facial enhancing apps the digital face lift is out of control. Remember Gattaca? It's frightening when SyFy becomes fact.
    C'est terrible!

  5. Oh Sixpence, you are so informative, keeping me up on 21st century lingo about straight men. Thank Geeses for gay bath houses and underwear night at the bar.

    Everyone would change at least one thing about themselves. Preferably it would be attitude. I've always found beautiful guys to be lousy in bed. Give me a beefy trucker with a little dirt under the nails any day of the week.

    However, I do have a minor crush (today) on Simon Nessman.

  6. My mind hurts. Smittys.....a gin and tonic here, pronto.

  7. It's not video games, or computers, it's fear of rejection and the need to blame someone else which they use for empowerment.

  8. @annemarie: agreed! And that’s they’re so unfuckable: they are the less aware people ever. In perennial arrested development and unwilling to accept that the problem is them.
    @bae: but everybody is under pressure. They just don’t wanna deal with it.
    @steven: you said it: a half decent straight guy. These are not half decent anything. The problem with them is that they think society has been unfair to them and they blame women for it.
    @conde: I agree! I do blame IG and Snapchat and all the impossible artificial lives people invent for themselves. Omg. Gattaca was sooo scary. Even more now that we’re so close to pick and choose who we want to live with.
    @jimmy: Simon is delectable! But yep, gorgeous men tend to be lousy, listless lovers. Give an average Joe any day (or night). I’d rather be thoroughly fucked than totally adored.
    @maddie: make that double, Smitty!
    @dave: absolutely. The deflection and the cognitive dissonance is strong with these men.


  9. Very interesting observations, especially about incels. I wasn't aware of the whole surgeries thing...

  10. La traducción que me ha hecho el "translator" ha sido tan lamentable que no me he enterado bien de que iba el tema y prefiero no decir nada no ser que vaya a soltaralguna tontería, jejeje... A ver si encuentro la entrada de diciembre sobre Billie ... ¡Un abrazo!


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