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Moroni would.

Ok. So there's nothing better than discovering somebody has the exact SAME taste you have in porn. So fab. Bae and I have watched porn together with WONDERFUL results, thank you very much. But this post was inspired because in the middle of a discussion on some silly trend (!!) Maddie's autocorrect kicked in (hate it when it happens) and her comment said Mormon instead of Merman. No biggie, right?

Wrong. Steven, being the irrepressible scoundrel we all know and love, pounced in and commented on the wonder that is MormonBoyz. Yes. There's porn with gay 'mormons' in it. What could be better than that? I love me some religiously infused porn because I'm an ethical slut. And of course you know that because you've seen the boys of Bel Ami inspiring the Vatican right here, in this blog. So sue me.

Ok, so if you have never enjoyed it before, let me walk you through it: MormonBoyz (yes, boyz) is based on the premise that the mythology and rituals of the Mormon church always leads to very hot sex between men. Interested already? Add to that the typical Mormon undergarments, quasi-elegant office-like settings, suits and ties (fans self), abundant use of white and heavy power play between the Elders and the higher-ranks and voila! You have hot porn with with a (not too) tiny twist.

I, of course, find that twist to be fun because I despise organized religion, and anything and everything that pokes fun (or holes -pun intended-) to it, I enjoy. I especially enjoy the power games they play. You see, the novices usually are there to be, well, initiated. The handshake through the veil, the reports on their proselytizing, the going up in the ranks, it's all exploited to maximum effect in these porn videos. There's also the added bonus of the scenarios having a very Greek kind of dynamic: the bishops teach the younger versions of themselves everything they need to know about man to man sex. And teach they do! And if you know me, you are very well aware that I love me some men over thirty. And the bishops and the high-rank Mormons in this studio are very, very yummy. Nothing like a seasoned, older man to show you the ropes and manhandle you more than a little bit. AmIright?

So where was I? Oh, right. The dynamics. So this kind of porn skews a very fucked up cult (have you read the Book of Mormon? it is fascinating and absolutely bonkers). Cults (and religions in general) are always completely absurd but I think that the Mormons, being a 'young' religion and all that, take the cake (tee-hee!) in many aspects. The first time I read their book I laughed out loud while reading some passages. The inconsistencies! The blatant plagiarism! The laughable premises! It's as bad as reading Twilight (that by the way, was written by wait for it... a Mormon!) I guess bad writing is ingrained in their lifestyle.

So yeah. Nothing like having your online friends inspire a smutty post that bashes organized religion. You guys are too much fun!


P.S. I'll make a special post with a selection of my favs in my Pages just for you, Steven! *smooches*


  1. re: the double fuck scene - I like the older guy on the left; reminds me of george clooney (rawr).

  2. I'm glad I...gave you inspiration?
    Hahaha, you got me.. I totally love those sites, I so would watch it with you! ;)
    To add to the excitement, I noticed a lot of male porn stars were Mormon, they always sent the hottest guys to my door, unlike the old shrews the other religions sent over waving their bibles at me. We all have our fantasies! :D
    I agree with Anne Marie..lol.

  3. Well you saw my comment back to steven. So if you and bae are bored some night, dress like mormans and knock on my door!!!!😈🔥😈

    I was also worried, that when I typed morman it might auto correct to mermen. I'd shit.

  4. Ah, yes... Morman boys in their funny, slick underwear.

    And I have read the Book of Mormon, or at least most of it, and bonkers is putting it nicely.

  5. Heh. I wonder if the Mormon church knows about this. I hope so. They'd be furious.

    There was a movie years ago called Orgazmo about a Mormon porno actor (never saw it -- can't remember whether it involved straight or gay porn). I guess tweaking priggish religions is a fairly popular twist.

    Mark Twain described the Book of Mormon as "chloroform in print", implying it's even more tedious than most sacred texts -- quite an accomplishment, if true.

    Maybe it's just Firefox, but I'm getting a "403 forbidden" on the last few pictures.

  6. Moroni would, indeed. And if Book of Mormon is to be believed, I may be bold enough to say those naughty boys are getting their just rewards. Just look at those faces! Cherubim? I think not. I'm a firm believer of discipline. Firm! The firmer the better, I say. Cast away sin by using the Lord's firm rod. Next time a pair of Mormons elders come knocking at my door, I shall usher them into my boudoir and show them my kind of proselytizing.

  7. It's all too vanilla for my taste in more ways than one!

  8. I love me some fantasy porn. Well more fantasy than normal. I like the man “boyz” aspect of this house. But as Jimmy said, not a very diverse crowd. I like that you brought up the hot series from Bel Ami. I love what they have under those cassocks. And I know your history with the church, babe. 😘

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  9. @annemarie: same! He floods my basement thoroughly.
    @ Steven: oh, and I would watch with you, dear. Yes about the porn stars being ex Mormons. Funny, ain’t it?
    @ Maddie, oh I know Bae would appreciate your company thoroughly. LoL
    @dave: their mythology is INSANE. Anybody who’s picked up a book goes WTF? In the first few pages.
    @infidel: yes, I think I watched Orgazmo! LoL. It was a straight guy tho. And I’m sure the Elders have taken a peek at this. You just KNOW IT. Haha chloroform in print is correct.
    @Conde: discipline, the firmer, the better! And he lord’s rod MUST be firm. welcome to the blog!
    @jimmy: that’s because you have not explored the more kinky ones. There’s a lot of dominance/ light BDSM in those Mormon boys. Go ahead, I support you,..
    @yiu do know me, bae


  10. Great post! I've seen The Book of Mormon the theater play which is hilarious
    And yeah, sounds like mormon porn can be a thing




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