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Well, have you been on a blind date?
I think that most of the people who have met over the internet have been on a blind date of sorts. It may not have been arranged by a friend or a relative or by a professional matchmaker, but it IS a blind date.

And like any blind date, the possibilities are 50/50.  have to say that I have never been on a blind date in the usual interpretation of the term. I have met men through friends, but those have not been meetings intended to get us two together. Meeting men through friends has been more of a fortuitous strike of luck than an actual match making stint.

But I have found myself going to a kind of blind date when first meeting a man I have talked to online. And I have always done that with some trepidation. One never knows what one can find, right? There's catfishing, there's being stood up, there's several kinds of possibilities. I am always in absolute awe of men who hookup online and go straight to a stranger's house/apartment/office/neighborhood backlot to have sex with him. In absolute awe. But I'm talking about getting more than some nookie. I'm talking meeting a man with whom you'd consider having a second date. And a third.

Maybe because I'm weary of strangers and like to feel safe when talking to men I don't know (and because if you know me, you know I like them big and tall and that would not bade well for me if things were to get out of hand), I prefer to meet somebody who has not been introduced to me by a friend or acquaintance (and therefore being vetted in advance) in very public places. It's an advice someone gave and that I've always tried to follow. Some of the men with whom I have had relationships in the last years I have met online. It all has started with a few pleasantries and progressed to full blown conversations and then to actually meeting them. I have always met them in person for the first time at a restaurant or cafe or a trusty Starbucks or Panera. Sometimes I've brought  a chaperone of sorts. I feel safe in bright, populated public places when meeting a stranger for the first time. Don't ask me why.

That's why I say that I consider those meetings online as some sort of blind dates. You can never tell if there IS chemistry until you meet the man in person. Like these two guys in the video. I have felt affinity to some men when talking to them online but I would have to meet them face to face to really make a decision if I'd like to kiss them. And then they would have to feel the same. I've been lucky in that respect because the men I've met online have more often than not wanted to kiss me with the same intensity I've wanted to be kissed by them. What can I say? I'm a lucky lad.



  1. after my divorce, I had some shitty blind dates (this was pre-internet/pre-cellphone days).
    I ALWAYS met in a public place, I ALWAYS drove myself to said public place.
    if blind date was 15 minutes late, I left the meeting place; you respect me by being on time.
    and I NEVER fucked on the first date; I had respect for myself.
    and the guys were pissed off cause they thought they were gonna get lucky; I told them to call 1-800-rent-a-ho.
    I met current spouse via a personal ad in a local paper. 27 years later...

  2. I agree with you and Anne Marie. Especially in these days of cat fishing and violence that we all read about. You have to be careful. Even if you are on the larger side you have to watch out for yourself. You never know who you may be meeting and if THEY are alone. As the line from Hill Street Blues goes, “Let’s be careful out there.” (Am I dating myself?)

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  3. I had one blind date, it was fun, but once was enough. I have met several bloggers in person, all persons of quality.

  4. Meeting in a public place -- VERY wise!

  5. The only blind date I'd ever had was with a girl ... in high school ... and we know how that went. But I met Carlos online, and we chatted for several months, and then I flew to Miami, and well, here we are almost nineteen years later.

  6. Nope. Have never done a blind date and I hope I never do either. Just the thought makes me nervous as hell. Like you, I have met men through friends in a casual setting, then we later set up a date, or sex which ever the case my be. I dont like going in completely blind. I worry if we don't it off, or it awful...so I dont pit myself in the situation.

  7. I met my husband on a blind date
    I guess 18 years together could constitute a success?

  8. Never been on a blind date. Too worried I might end up with a groper.


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