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Yes, I know. She's not everybody's cup of tea.
But I'm here for that tea, dahhlink. I know, they say it was horrible because it was ato-tuned (duh) and that it was 'weird'. Some blogger friends commented on it: John and Angelito among others. But I'm here for the conspiracy theories. Yes, because there's nothing like an absolutely bonkers conspiracy theory to make me watch music videos. And Madonna (who's been at this for a long time) is an expert in stirring the pot with her performances. And after all, that's what gets her free publicity and starts the rumor mill in earnest.

One of the best conspiracy theories I've read about her is this one by Vigilant Citizen, and it's BONKERS:

At the beginning of the performance, Madonna was standing at the top of the stairs representing the highest level of “illumination”. By going down the stairs, Madonna symbolically lowers herself to the level of the masses. While doing so, she showcases an inverted cross because that is what they want the masses to believe in.

What's not to love? Tell me. You should go to his site (I'm assuming is a man, natch) and read the whole tirade. It's fantastically unhinged. This blogger is one of many of those people whop peddle online conspiracy theories, something that has become more and more common in recent years and have become more and more mainstream. According to some,  Madonna is the head of some kind of Illuminati cabal, giving the world all those images that need to be deciphered by the initiated.  And she's heard those theories and even wrote a song about it. Madonna, always a step ahead. Of course, the dark side of conspiracy theories is nothing to laugh about. Conspiracy theories, after all, gave America its on Orange Clown, the well known Twitler in Chief, Hair Furor. Because Cheeto's whole presidency is based on conspiracy theories, something his base goes for with full gusto, and it should not surprise anybody:

For example, research has found that people who believe in conspiracy theories tend to have a greater need for cognitive closure1 (the desire to find an explanation when explanations are lacking) and to be unique.2 They're more likely to have a cognitive bias called hypersensitive agency detection3 or teleologic thinking4 (whereby events are overattributed to hidden forces, purposes, and motives). Some research has also found that conspiracy beliefs are associated with lower levels of education3 and analytic thinking.5

Just like the Vigilant Citizen guy, Cheeto has been spreading conspiracy theories and has based his whole presidency on them: Obama's birther bullshit, calling climate change a Chinese hoax, saying that Scalia was killed in his sleep and even that the Clintons killed Epstein (??).  But his most egregious (and sellable one) is that HE is being persecuted and that nobody can be trusted, like he said to the Romanian president. And his followers lap it up like there's no tomorrow:

Israeli journalist Chemi Shalev writes, “Conspiracy theories are like a religion. Their adherents believe in higher powers that control human developments. They divide the world into forces of light and forces of darkness. They believe only they can perceive the real truth. Like most religions, conspiracy theories are immune to objective refutation: Contradictory facts are quickly digested and transformed into further proof that confirms the original theory.”
And that, my dear is the whole Trumpanzee worldview in a nutshell: they idolize an authoritarian who's confirming their bias and bigotry, they long for the days where they could just subscribe to their (only white) subgroups and thirst after dog whistles that confirm that bigoted ideal. The most important for me is the one that of Relative Deprivation, something that Cheeto has nailed into his follower's twisted psyche: they have been deprived of something they feel entitled to. They are furious at others they consider inferior and at the 'elites' (no matter that Cheeto is actually the personification of elitism).

So yeah, Madonna. She did touch on topics like climate change and the idea of dictators in that song with Quavo she sang during Eurovision but if one pays attention, there is a theme that continues through several of her songs: Dark Ballet, God Control, Batuka and Killers who are Partying: the artist is listening to what's going on int the world. We could dismiss Madonna as an eighties pop star who refuses to 'behave her age' or somebody who has not had 'a hit in years' or as an appropriator of cultures or just kind of go for the 'she's an artist with a vision'. Whichever your point of view, remember, the Illuminati are watching....


Madonna's released some videos after that live show. Right now, I'm into this one, but of course I had to google Swae Lee because I can't keep up with the pop music machine. It gives me 80's Madonna vibes.

This one is a literal mini-play. For those who still long for Madge doing something relevant. I'm still they're gonna say 'boring'. Their loss.

This one is fantastic, IMHO. Ruthless narrative, clear message, catchy beat.

This is your wake up call. Gun violence disproportionately affects children, teenagers and the marginalized in our communities. Honor the victims and demand GUN CONTROL. NOW.  Volunteer, stand up, donate, reach out.  Wake up and insist on common-sense gun safety legislation. Innocent lives depend on it. Join me in supporting the following organizations:


Production Company: Serial Pictures
Director: Jonas Åkerlund
Producer: Violaine Etienne
Line Producer: Peter Sprouse
Head of Production: Jennifer Gee
Director of Photography: Eric Broms
Production Designer: Emma Fairly
Costume Designer: B. Åkerlund

And then, this one. With a powerful message against misogyny and a little bit of hope shining at the end.


  1. I agree. Many argue about Madonna, but she really did bring it and started and did many things we never saw before. And people can argue about her paving the way, but she did indeed....gaga. shes good, but she did have alot of similarities to some of Madonnas songs. The songs are all like mini stories with a point or message. I think this album got her back on her concept album thing again....which I like. The dictator isnt creative , he just puts sceniros in a fishbowl and has a Conway or an intern pull one from the comsircpiy bowl.

    1. Yep. Madge paved the way. Many a pop star has to thank her. And I think you got the same message I got: she creates a narrative for each song in her videos (that’s how she made MTV her own in the 80s) . And Cheeto just feeds the trumpanzees scraps of their minds. Ugh.


  2. Madonna has a knack for the outrageous. Her music set the tone for a generation. Even I, who can’t tell one artist from another, can identify her work. Well some of it, anyway.

    The conspiracy sites would be laughable if it weren’t so serious these days. People read this shit and put people in danger (Comet Ping Pong Pizza, anyone?). And the asshole in the White House, who is a dangerous cornered animal these days, happily promotes it. And all you need is some time and a forum and off it goes to be available forever.

    So I’m going to start my own rumor. And this will be scandalous. I have it on very good authority from unimpeachable sources that Sixpence is hot. There let’s see them try to refute that!

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

    1. Her music did that. The eighties basically belong to her. Pizzagate is the most outrageous shit they spread because it almost got people killed.
      LoL and is that a rumor, I guess? Lmaoooo


  3. Ugh. Conspiracy theories. We have a couple of friends who are lovely people so long as we can manage to steer them clear of starting on one of their conspiracy theories. Then they can't shut up about them.

    1. OMG same. I have a colleague who’s the sweetest man until he starts with the conspiracy theories. When I have nothing to do, I stop and talk to him. Always ready to run!


  4. I love a good conspiracy theory, though I rarely buy into them. I just like to see how people think.
    That said, I am THAT gay that doesn't care for Madge.. I just can't.

    1. Oh conspiracy theories are fun until they are not. Really, they couldn’t keep it at bay with Sasquatch and the XFiles?
      And I believe you’ll have to return the toaster you got when you got your gay gold star, then lol


  5. Nothing gets me going more than a stage full of hooded monks chanting in unison. Reminds me of the time I got lost at the monastery in Mount Athos and stumbled upon a room full of naked monks practicing the secret mysteries of...I digress.

    Ah, la Madonna. Still with us. Just like a stubborn case of syphilis resistant to penicillin. You gotta admit, she can still make an entrance – though an exit is still quite beyond her. Watching the video reminded me of her concert film, Truth or Dare. That's when she was at her best, IMHO, as the young would say. Now? Well, it's just like an episode of a short-lived sitcom revival: an echo of what was. Still, I enjoyed the "Life is a mystery" bit. That was good stage magic. So High Priestess of the Tarot, I almost went to my psy chic for a reading. The rest? Muddled, like any conspiracy theory. What exactly was she trying to get at is anyone's guess: kinda like Giulliani on TV last weekend. Now there is some good conspiracy whackery.

    Still, listening to Like a Prayer's latest incantation reminded me of a young little gay prancing around his room singing Cherish while dreaming of mermen and thumbing through a borrowed copy of la Madonna's Sex book thinking to himself, "Oh, gross!" Years later, she continues to elicit the same response.

    1. Oh Walter. I miss you.
      And Truth or Dare defines the whole cinema verite meets documentary genre.
      And more than one gay boy pranced to everything from Lucky Star to Ray of light. Madge has always had some of the gays.


  6. Here's my conspiracy theory? When she realized the "Like a Prayer" intro was only going to cover the first 4 .5 minutes of her spotlight time she passed around the hat for suggestions and this is the result. Not a big fan, as you might guess.

    1. Haha. I actually found the whole thing very entertaining. I liked the imagery, the set and the costumes. She also added an Israeli and a Palestinian flag to the costumes of the dancers at the end of the show. She did made some talk.


  7. At least for me, the Vigilant Citizen link doesn't work. I assume it's supposed to be this:


    Eurovision is always full of weird stuff. I'm surprised a Trumpanzee could watch it without his head exploding.

    1. Yes! That’s the link. Thnx! Safari sometimes screws me. Eurovision is amazeballs. You see each thing....
      And the trumpanzees do NOT do anything remotely culturally cool. You know that.



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