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While watching this video, I thought of the work that Maddie, our resident creative does.  Her fantastic tableaus using fashion to inspire and tell a story are really ephemeral works of art. And that's why I think fashion is: at the same time it covers us (yes, even those trousers you bought at Sears and the trainers you really like to wear at work) it serves as a reminder of the world around us.

Vivienne has some very good points:

  • Punk was a reaction against the people who starter the Vietnam war.
  • The rotten financial system is the cause of the incredible wealth inequality we see today.
  • The problem is rot dollar, which increases the debt (are you hearing, Cheeto?)
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle.
  • By the end of this century, there may be only one billion people left (we are 7.7 billion now).
  • Greta Thungber has become the world's hero.
  • The tipping point could happen tomorrow.

Being an activist can take many shapes. From taking part of political campaigns that raise awareness towards climate change, to recycling your clothes, to just talking to people about climate change could have an impact. Look at what Greta Thungber has done: she's rejected an environmental award and instead demands action. I'm not asking you to reject prizes or start a political campaign. I'm asking you to be aware that this administration has been the worst administration ever concerning the environment. From their denial of climate change to the opening of national parks and sanctuaries to exploitation, Cheeto has fucked up the environment in the US for years to come.

So go ahead. Do something. Talk to people. Contribute to groups raising awareness towards climate change and most importantly, vote. Vote those republicans out of office and vote Cheeto out of office before it's too fucking late. I am doing it. And I'm not doing it for my children, because I haven't got any. I'm doing it for future generations. Because we cannot be like the xtianists, that because they are expecting the fucking rapture or are expecting their sky daddy to solve their problems, do not care about what happens to the planet.

And all this from a fashion magazine. And why? Because as Vivienne says: "It's important to look great to make a point".

Now go and save some trees.



  1. The world is getting warmer. Icebergs are melting, oceans are rising, we generate too much garbage. And the fucker in the White House gives away public land for exploitation. We saw this week that tgere has a still some momentum in the Democratic Party with them taking control of the state house in Virginia. And, unless the repugs chest, which is all the know how to do, Kentucky will have a democratic governor.

    So we need to keep this going into 2020. Vote in the primaries. Support your candidate. And next November let’s bury the fucking Republican Party.

    Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

    1. one of the nearby philly counties (delaware county) turned blue this week...for the first time since the civil war! BLUE TSUNAMI 2020!

    2. Oh, Cheeto is gonna sell the US if they don’t impeach him soon. And voting is FUNDAMENTAL. Paint the country blue!


  2. Here's the deal ... we can keep talking about saving the planet, but the planet will be just fine ... unless we actually blow it up. Earth will survive; it may become something else, something uninhabitable, but it'll be here.
    We'll be gone.
    As for Vivienne, she'sright, about everything, and he r imagination is breathtaking.
    And Naomi Campbell scares me ... in a good way.

  3. Oh, I love the clip, and Vivienne is correct. I wprry so abput the planet.... Especially the animal kingdom. They are just being slaughtered, caged, and killed for one item. It's appaulling. I probably gives more money then my budget allows, but i give to the ASPCA, and a giraffe and elephant sanctuary. Animals are my love. Most days they out weight that of humans. And try to still look good.

    1. Seriously, people who hunt endangered species are the WORST. I have an ASPCA calendar I got from signing petitions on Michigan Avenue 😎


  4. Thanks for Vivienne's reminder that "it's important to look great to make a point". Time to update my "radical chic" look!

    1. Oh, she’s the godmother of Punk. She can do no wrong in my eyes.



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