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Let's talk about running for office....

If you’ve ever considered running for office, but dismissed your own ambitions because you believe you’re too poor/Black/queer/first-generation; because you worry about the way your criminal record/past relationships/job history/single parenthood could impact your chances; or you’re afraid that you’re not educated/connected/polished/white enough, here are a few reasons why you might want to think again.

Oh, I've written here before about running for office. I do have my candidates (Bae, Maddie, Anne Marie, Dave, Infidel and Bob head the list) but I am writing this for the lurkers (no, not Lurkie!). Yeah, those who never post but that sometimes read this blog (and then go straight to the Pages section). If people want to implement some change, sometimes they have to do it themselves, and running for office is really not that difficult (also see: Marjorie Taylor Green and Boebert of whatever that other cow's name is. Also, Nazi Youth Cawthorn). The QAnon Repugs have demonstrated that literally anybody can run for office and actually win. Anybody.

That part dealing with inept, ignorant, bigoted and stupid people in government is urgent, but we have to mention that the Supreme Court that IMPOTUS2 stacked with conservative judges seems ready to implement very restrictive voting laws. They seem to be on the edge of gutting the second part of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. They already blasted part of that law eight years ago when the even less conservative SCOTUS declared America was 'post-racial' (post-racial my ass!) and voting laws were not needed. Now, GOP lawyers are going for the gold: making it almost impossible for minorities and BIPOC to vote. They keep trying to stop Democrats from voting  based off The Big Lie Cheeto spouted for months and keeps repeating:

Justice Barrett asks GOP lawyer Michael Carvin in AZ case: "why is the RNC in this case?"
Carvin admits striking down restrictions on voting "puts us at a competitive disadvantage relative to Democrats"
Another example of Republicans saying the quiet part out loud.

It's never been about 'voting integrity'. It's about suppressing the 'liberal' vote in order to rig the elections in their favor (Michael was just writing about that). The Repugs want to stop minorities from voting for the Democrats and it could not be clearer. So we need more Dems in positions where they can promote change. Change starts at the bottom of the chain: in your local government. 

You can use social media to find groups you like (or bloggers you like), contact your local office  or just contact your fav local politician for support or inspo. Apart from Beau's advice, that Vice article gave great tips:

  • Connect with an organization that’s excited to support someone like you. 
  • Start treating your past organizing efforts as the work experience that they are.
  • Discuss your “baggage” upfront.
  • Know your audience, and think about how you, personally, might appeal to them.
  • Remember: Most people aren’t the “stereotypical candidate” either. 

If we want change, we need to start it ourselves. I'm doing as much as I can on my part. Now, get your ass in gear and do something!


P.S. I'm gonna keep doing this until someone I know runs for something. Even dog catcher!


  1. I don't know about running, but I know all about being involved and speaking up and voting and campaigning and making sure people listen to the RepubliQAnons words.
    They don't even try to hide their evil any longer.

    1. Oh, absolutely.
      Getting involved is super important, especially because some people are so clueless as to what really is going on in their local elections.
      Making people aware of the fuckery that is the GQP is essential.


  2. "If we want change, we need to start it ourselves. I'm doing as much as I can on my part. Now, get your ass in gear and do something!"

    this statement is a key for so many situations!

    1. I think so too!
      Some people just sit down and watch and I cannot do that.


    2. but I think that one can always do something , starting with improving oneself.

    3. True. Starting with the Man in the Mirror, no?
      And in a situation like the possibility of a Fascist takeover, sitting on one's hands is not an option.


    4. Let's hope that another IMPOTUS does not come back not only as president of the USA, but also in any other office!

  3. Thanks for the Judge Judy gif. Big fan. I could never run for office. But, I can and do plan on helping others. I currently have a certain ward representative I want out of office and we seem to have a viable candidate to run against him. Oh, it's not what you think, though. I voted for the guy in the previous election and then learned, after the fact, that he moved here from Chicago so he could run for office. He had zero experience (which I thought might be a good thing) and it turns out all he and his boyfriend care about are themselves. He has four of his friends that he hired as assistants - but no one answers the phone or returns messages. He then spearheaded a series of decisions to gut our police force and has since backtracked a lot, because they had no plan B. The only time he makes public appearances is to raise cash for his reelection. We had four murders this month alone on the north side and he has said zero about them. I am angry. Angry enough to do something about it. So, I plan on helping this woman, who used to be a police officer and was the first black woman to win a lawsuit re: discrimination against the MPLS police force, to replace this douchebag. So excited. Though... politics better not interfere with my summer fun... cuz, honey... we got plans! Kizzes.

    1. LOL Judge Judy is a hoot.
      And helping others is also super important! Realizing a candidate is bad is part of the process, no? That's why they're not permanently in their posts.
      OMG four murders? That's terrible!! You guys need to elect somebody who would do something!
      And yes, summer better be good!


  4. I support my fav candidates. I support causes. My chance to run for office....well, I was asked. Didn't work out. But, I have a keyboard and the asshat I would've run against is gone, gone, gone replaced by a lovely Hispanic woman, smart as a whip. She's doing good things in DC. Local and state Dems hold the majority. Yeah, the Repuglicans in the state legislature are trying to introduce one of those restrictive voting bills...it ain't going anywhere.
    But, Six, we've BOTH been saying for a long time: Local politics matter! XOXO

    Oh, btw, thanks for the Judge Judy gif. Ya gotta love that woman!

    1. But Big, supporting the right candidates and the right causes is fundamental. I do the same!
      It's a good thing that the Dems are in the majority and that needs to stay that way. The repugs are really pieces of shit at this point. A lamppost would do a better job than any GQP asshole.
      Local politics do matter.
      And Judge Judy is a character!


  5. It’s been said before, all politics is local. No one gets anywhere without local support. I have great admiration for congressional representatives: with a two year term they’re constantly running for re-election while trying to make a difference for their constituents, well at least the service oriented ones anyway.

    But it takes a special individual to put themselves out there. And someone who can retain their self respect is a true unicorn 🦄.

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍đź’‹‍👨

    1. Absolutely
      You know that because you're involved with elections all year round. The fact that people have a two year term should give others pause to reconsider putting them back there. But remember the Repugs vote party before county...



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