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Never Have I Ever

Oh, fun!
Let's see:

1. Never have I ever shaved my entire body. Nope. I have manscaped, but shaved my whole body? No, I have not. I think it'd be too itchy? Besides, for better or for worse, I'm not a 'hairy' guy. I barely have a treasure trail, for goddess' sake! I wouldn't have anything to shave. Also, I find shaved pubes a little bit too much. I like a man with the secondary sexual characteristics of an adult male.

2. ... woken up next to someone whose name I don't know. Yep. I have. I have blamed the loud music for my not having gotten his name, but we all know that sometimes names are secondary to the tingle to mingle. I remember he even made me breakfast in the morning, and I kept trying to remember his name all fucking morning long. I think I gave him a nickname because I kept avoiding asking him what his name was. I should have. The things he did to me were epic.

3. ...given a guy a lapdance. LMAOOO Yes. Duh. We were in a bar and had been dating for about six weeks and his friends dared me. And you know you just don't dare me do something like that. I even remember the song: Don't Cha by the Pussycat Dolls. Very appropriate, right? Also, I kept bumping into that hard dick and it was very difficult to keep a straight face. He did me good that night. 

4. HAHAHAHA I've never danced on stage, so....

5. ... gotten hard on stage. Well, I'm not a stripper, so no. But I think that would get them tips like crazy, no? Come to think of it, I've seen strippers with a soft-on but never with a full-blown boner. I've gotten chubs in some very inappropriate moments with some very revealing clothes, though. I blame the men who were feeling me up for that. 

6. ... had sex in a moving vehicle. Nope. I don't think so. The vehicle has always been parked. I have done some stuff in parked cars that had put me in very compromising positions. I have felt up a guy while he's driving, but that's as far as I've gone. I don't want to be the cause of an accident!

7. ... measured my penis. I think I have? Well, I didn't do it myself. A guy did it for me. He seemed invested on it so I let him do it. I have never worried too much about my dick size. I have measured many dicks, mind you. Some men seem to really appreciate a little bit of help with that.

8. ... tasted a man's cum including my own. Oh, please. Many, many times. Many. Times. I think the hottest way to do this is when either of you had just cum after a blow job and then you kiss. Yep. Oink. BTW, take into account that these men taking the test are officially straight, so the question stands.

9. ... hooked up with an audience member. Again, very stripper-specific. But if we were talking about hooking up with someone from work/school, I've done it. Once or twice. With mixed results.

10. ... kissed a guy. Again, very straight stripper specific. But I've kissed girls. And it's not that I didn't like it, it's that it's just so different. Many guys know what I'm talking about.

11. ...had a dick in my hand that's not my own. So. Many. Times. Good question for a straight stripper, though. I remember the first man who told me to touch his dick absolutely surprised me. The first time you touch a dick that's not your own stays with you forever. He had one of the most beautiful cocks I've seen, too. But maybe I'm biased.

12. ... tried to suck your own dick. LMAOOO. Yes, I've tried. I think it's one of those things you see in porn and wonder if you'd be able to do it. I think you need to be very mimble or have a very big dick to do that successfully. Or both.

13. ...had sex with someone who is famous. Yes, but I don't kiss and tell. 

14. ... filmed myself having sex. Nope. I'm too self-conscious to enjoy that. I should do it, though, according to Maddie. And she's the expert, so...

15. ... taken a dick pic. Nope. Surprising, no? You'd think I'd have some of those handy for emergencies. I've never taken one but my phone is chock full of dick pics. Men seem to hand those out now instead of business cards. 

And that's it. I think I'd be naked by the end of this quiz, though. But I don't know if I fail as an ethical slut or if I'm indeed an ethical slut. I'll let you decide.


P.S. the guys are from THEADONISLOUNGE, which seems to be well stocked. I even saw some familiar faces there...


  1. Davey does have a way of coming up with some fun videos. Like you said, some of the questions are stripper specific and I think a lot of your audience would have similar answers. I think you probably know most of the answers so there should be no surprises, but here goes:

    1. Nope, it would take way too long.

    2. No, I haven’t really spent a night with many people, cloistered life, you know.

    3. No, again cloistered life and I’m kind of a big guy.

    4. No, haven’t really been on stage.

    5. Again, performer specific, so no.

    6. No, but a LOT of fun in an empty parking lot. I miss that car.

    7. Yeah, but I’m not telling.

    8. Um, yes please. And kissing seems to be the way to taste your own. And so fucking sexy.

    9. N/A performer specific.

    10. Duh!

    11. Again, Duh! I remember the first dick I held and ended up sucking it. I think I creamed my jeans.

    12. Yeah, but unsuccessful. Not endowed or limber enough.

    13. No, unfortunately. Does your guy have an Only Fans?

    14. No, but I’ve thought about it, but I don’t think I would even want to see it.

    15. Yeah, not proud of it, but I have. Isn’t that the second question on the apps after ‘sup?

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

    1. What? You've never been on stage?
      What a waste!


  2. I adore this quiz. I may have to steal it.

    Shaved... I do my ass, for hygienic reasons, and my pubes because I hate my curly whirlies. I trim my chest, beard, and arm pits. I shaved my arm pits once - and ick. NO! I would never do my legs. And my back... sigh... needs constant maintenance... again... curly whirlies.

    Umm. Have you met me? Me and names? We don't get along. Like they don't stick in my damn head. So, yes... SO MANY TIMES!

    Well, I have definitely danced on someone's lap. Does that count?

    Yes. I dance on stage at the drop of a pair of pants...

    I only got a boner onstage once... it was this fun vegas style number with a hot cutie who looked like Liza and I was dancing in an identical white tux with this hot dude home from the military... he had me hot and bothered all through that show... but he never knew it. We were buds.

    I have given many blowies while they drive. I worry a little... but then figure if we crash? My head is toast, so I won't know what happened.

    Measured? Of course. Rite of passage.

    Tasted... oh, yes. Inadvertently... when you have clean-up duty, you have to do it all to get that merit badge.

    Yes. If that stalker who chased me around naked with a knife counts... and other than that? Well, of course. Backstage johnnies are part of the reward, dear.

    Kissed? What kind of gurl do you think I am??? (Yes. Yes, that kind.)

    Dick in hand. That's my wedding theme as I walk down the aisle. Karen Carpenter sings it.

    Tried to suck my own... oh, yes... even at this late date. Covid! And I do... in my dreams. I like those dreams.

    Famous? Naw. Actors don't count.

    Filmed. NO! I am a control freak when it comes to images. Absolutely not. Wait... OMG... I didn't film it, but know what... there is a vid of this dude with a 9 incher plowing my face... he took it with his phone. Does that count?

    Taken a dick pic? Really? How else you gonna get a 'date' to prom?

    Happy Pride. Enjoy your weekend. Kizzes.

    1. "Taken a dick pic? Really? How else you gonna get a 'date' to prom?" Upton...I like the way you think.

    2. Hahaha of course there was a stalker running after you.
      With a knife! LOL

      And did your friend with the phone send you a copy of the video? Inquiring minds want to know...


  3. LOL. Well, why not!
    1. No. Never. Manscape, but never shaved. My natural furriness is like yours.
    2. Yes. Quite a few times in my younger, military days.
    3. No.
    4. Yes. I' was a dancer - but not an erotic dancer.
    5. Not full-on boner, no.
    6. Oh, my, yes! Blow job and hand job.
    7. Yes, of course.
    8. Uh...duh.
    9. Nope.
    10. Well, yeah.
    11. Oh, my, my, my. Jack off groups.
    12. Ok. I admit it, yes. And I miss the ability.
    13. No.
    14. Nope.
    15. LOL. Of course. But only for certain people who have sent the request.

    1. Yay! One fellow non-furry!
      And I cannot bring myself to have fun while in a moving vehicle. Nope.
      And you were in the military? How did I miss that?
      And I bet you had fun with number 12...


    2. Oh, my, yes. Every Friday night, if you couldn't get laid in town, there was always the circle jerk up on the 3rd floor of the barracks. #12 is not all that difficult when you're a dancer. LOL. XOXO

  4. 1. Never have I ever shaved my entire body. Nope; some manscaping, yes, but the whole shebang? Nope.
    2. ... woken up next to someone whose name I don't know. Nope. Back when I was single I actually liked knowing a person’s name before it went anywhere!
    3. ...given a guy a lapdance. Nope. Not that I wouldn’t but the idea never occurred to me.
    4.... gotten hard on stage. Nope. But the last time I was onstage was in a grade school play.
    5 ... had sex in a moving vehicle. Yes. I enjoyed it very much.
    6. ... measured my penis. Ys. I am surprised some guys say they haven’t!
    7. ... tasted a man's cum including my own. Um, duh.
    8. ... hooked up with an audience member. I guess I’ll say not applicable.
    9.. ... kissed a guy. Of course. And I’ve kissed a girl, and to paraphrase Katy Perry, I really didn’t like it.
    10 ...had a dick in my hand that's not my own. Um, duh. Gay.
    11... tried to suck your own dick. When I was younger and more bendy.Didn’t work.
    12 ...had sex with someone who is famous. Not yet. =)
    13 ... filmed myself having sex. Nope.
    14 ... taken a dick pic. Nope. It’s just not my thing and when it became a thing I was already a married man so … and Carlos doesn’t need a picture of my dick when he can see it up close and in person whenever he wants.

    1. Ok, has everybody measured their dick?
      Also, sucking one's own dick is hard!


  5. OFFS....
    1. Yes, as what Upton does.
    2. Yes, but because when I woke up he had taken his toupee off. I had no idea he was wearing one!
    3. No
    4. No, but it is a common occurrence in the parking lot out side of Hunters.
    5. No. (almost)
    6. Yes, driver blowjobs was a specialty!
    7. No. I'm prone to depression.
    8. No.
    9. Yes, but I was a trained musician who performed on stage, not a stripper.
    10. of course
    11. Yes, my fuck buddy priest was my first.
    12. No
    13. Well,...to me yes, to you ,no.
    14. No
    15. No

    1. Hahaha
      Ohhh a toupee? I would demand an explanation!
      Another fan of moving vehicles fun? All I imagine is disaster! Remember that Stephen King movie Thinner?
      I also had a fuck buddy priest!


  6. Wait...you had another dick in your hand? Im SHOCKED, SHOCKED i TELL YA! I loved this and now even know more about you when you peer in my windows!!!!! So let's see.....

    1. Never have I ever shaved my entire body. Yes... I have when doing drag... depending on the outfit I naired it all off except the pubes. And it killed me because so many hook ups LOVE my hairy legs and arms...nicely hairy, not like a jungle, mind you. Otherwise I'm not very hairy. I did have one guy I hooked up with that wanted me to shave my pubes off, because he wanted my dick to look evenbigger!!! I'm like, I have enough already and you want bigger? I did it once for him and hated it. It looked weird to me.

    2. ... woken up next to someone whose name I don't know. Yep. Sadly a couple of times. A trick I learned...if I'm at a tricks place and they excuse themselves to the bathroom, Id look for a pieces of mail, or a magazine with the address on it to get the name. Or if at my place, Id ask if they had a nick name, and then ask how did they arrive at that...and the real name would be used in the example. Slick bitch.

    3. ...given a guy a lapdance. No

    4. No

    5. ... gotten hard on stage. No. But when I used to go the the Urge Lounge and The Cock, in the East Village, those go-gos up on the bar would be full on hard...and their cocks often popped out and right in your face. I'm getting hard just thinking about them back then.

    6. ... had sex in a moving vehicle. Yes. When with my ex, we used to be famous for sucking each other off in the car on trips.

    7. ... measured my penis. Yes.

    8. ... tasted a man's cum including my own. Oh yes! The Lad go nuts when I swallow his cum. And I often shoot myself in the mouth when I cum. I'm a shooter.

    9. ... hooked up with an audience member. Nope. Depending on how you look at this.

    10. ... kissed a guy. YES!

    11. ...had a dick in my hand that's not my own. Im with you. So. Many. Times.

    12. ... tried to suck your own dick. Yes. For only two years I was able to get the head in my mouth and lick the tip...but you have to stay quite limber to do that. Drag routines helped with that.

    13. ...had sex with someone who is famous. I don't think so. But could have and not known.

    14. ... filmed myself having sex. Yes! The Lad and I have several times.

    15. ... taken a dick pic. Well duh! I give them out like a business card. Card on the table...I was never happy with my body and was shy about showing it before and while doing drag. It wasn't till after I stopped doing drag and met my great group of guy friends, and they asked why I hide my body.... that helped me get confidence and break my shyness of showing my body. It help with me find my male persona.

    Now after reading your answers and everybody's I may have gotten real hard.

    1. Hahahaha
      I know, right? reading the little tidbits of naughtiness kind of gives you the tingle to mingle.
      And same with the pubes. Oh, dear. And yes to hairy legs and arms, please!
      The trick to know the trick's name is fab. Have to remember it. Just in case.
      And I know you're a veteran of the lens. I could never.
      I love that you say you've gotten over your shyness about your body!


  7. Who's a naughty boy, Sixpence? You are! You're a naughty boy! Hahahahaha

  8. From what I’ve seen, I’d say most of his readers are. Not me, though. Nope, not me. 😎

    1. Hahaha
      You know nobody here believes your claims of innocence, right?


  9. Too many questions for this late in the day.

    1. Heh
      But bet you did have time to read everybody's comments, didn't you, dearie?


  10. I do miss Anne Marie right now. I hope I do her proud.
    1. Shaved entire body at one time? Nope, bits and pieces here and there.
    2. Nope
    3. Balder Half and I gave each other lap dances when we had laps.
    4. NA
    5. NA
    6. The vehicle was parked and rocking. That's movement.
    7. NA I have measured my boobs, tho. Buying bras is hard..
    8. Just Balder Half's.
    9. NA
    10. Balder Half's a guy, yep I've kissed him.
    11. Every dick I've ever touched has not been my own.
    12. NA
    13 . Nope
    14. Nope
    15. I know a lot of Richards, including one Richard Cox (sadist parents) but I have never taken a picture of any of them.

    1. Aww Miss her too!
      Hahaha vehicles parked and rocking? Been there.
      And I bet buying bras is super hard!

      Thanks for stopping by!!



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