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De Vil

Maddie, are your reading this? I wanna be Cruella for Halloween with Manila's dress and I'd drive all the way to PA to have you transform me into her, so you've been warned. Call Manila now.

Now, on to our scheduled post. I have not been to a movie theater in more than a year and a half. I don't think I'm ready to do that yet. Instead, we convinced a friend (who has been vaccinated for three months now) to come home and let us watch Cruella, the Cruella de Vil origin story, on her Disney+. BTW, I refuse to get Disney+ or Paramount+ or any of the myriad streaming services now jockeying for our attention. I'm bumming Hulu and Netflix and that's more than enough to keep me busy. 

So we watched Cruella at home, with popcorn and Swedish fish and some chips and guac. It was Disney and Chill, basically. To tell you the truth, I went into the movie kind of not expecting much. First, it's Disney. Second, I did not think Cruella needed a backstory. Evil does not need justification in fairy tales and children's stories. What would need justification would be the fact that it's mostly WOMEN who are evil in these stories, but that would require a whole college course. So on to Cruella.

What did surprise me about the movie was the flawless art direction and the overall feeling of being set sometime in the seventies and therefore having a slightly anarchic and Punk Rock feeling to it. That was enough to get me interested. The rest would just be icing on the fluffy Disney cake. Or something like that. I was ready to be entertained. 

I would have to say that as a kid, I loved to hate Cruella. She scared me a little. She was so over the top, so glam, so... evil, that you had no choice than to stan her while being slightly intimidated by her antics. She was loud, she was skinny and she chain smoked. What's not to love? She was a Drag Queen before I knew what a Drag Queen was. I had also loved the Glenn Close Cruella and the OnceUponATime Cruella. She's always been quite iconic as a villain and coming into this movie, I was kind of expecting Disney to sanitize her and neuter her intrinsic evil spirit. They kind of did. But I was too busy with the soundtrack and the fashion to pay much attention to it.

First of all, Emma Stone is super charismatic (and she needed to be, that was Emma Thompson in full scenery-chomping mode she was set against) and the story is serviceable and bland. It's Disney, people! And I have to say, Cruella is flashy and kinetic, but the more I watched it, the less I understood where the Cruella I loved (and feared) as a kid was coming from. It kind of didn't make sense, but hey. BTW, keep an eye out for Mark Strong, who plays the baroness's right hand. Yes, please.

I really thought the backstory was slightly preposterous. What kept me busy was the wardrobe and the art direction. Both stunning. Literally. The wardrobe, specially, seems to me to be a homage to Steve McQueen and Vivienne Westwood that will probably stand the test of time. They pack several dozen wardrobe changes (some of those pieces I wanted to wear then and there) in two hours. And the music! It's literally a who's-who of the late sixties and early seventies in bangers. If anything, you'd love that. Oh, and Florence and the Machine sneaks in a great Call me Cruella song at the end. Stay for the credits!

Here's a handy list of the soundtrack. Tell me it's not cool.

1. Call me Cruella (Florence + The Machine)  (Love it)
2. Bloody Well Right (Supertramp)  (more to them than Breakfast in America, people!)
3. Whisper Whisper (Bee Gees)  (so unappreciated)
4. Five to One (The Doors) (Duh, it's The Lizard King)
5. Feeling Good (Nina Simone) (Need I say more? Really?)
6. Fire (Ohio Players) (this was a radio staple, right?)
7. Whole Lotta Love (Ike & Tina Turner) (It's Tina, man!)
8. Livin' Thing (2012 Version) (Electric Light Orchestra) (this is a new version but I like it the same)
9. Stone Cold Crazy (2011 Remaster) (Queen) (Very, very appropriate)
10. One Way or Another (Blondie) (Duh)
11. Should I Stay or Should I Go (The Clash) (They needed some Punk rock to keep it real)
12. I Love Paris (Georgia Gibbs) (I had no idea who this was. Had to google it)
13. Love Is Like A Violin (Ken Dodd) (No idea, but it sounds good)
14. I Wanna Be Your Dog (John McCrea) (this was a surprise. Really)
15. Come Together (Ike & Tina Turner) (Has more soul than the Beatle's version. Upton, here's one for ya!)

Oh, bonus:

John McRea plays a David Bowie-Willam Belli clone with queer, fashionably firm hand. Props to Disney. Hey, credit when credit is due. And it apparently ruined a gay Repug's idea of Cruella, so props are due. 

And that's all. The movie was a Disney concoction, but I enjoyed it. They'll probably have millions tied to merchandise coming off of it, but I'd get the music. If anything, you can always play Name that Tune! as a drinking game while watching it. Now, that would be fun.


P.S. check out the rest of the music in the movie:

"Inside-Looking Out" by the Animals
"She's a Rainbow", by the Rolling Stones
"Watch the Dog That Bring the Bone", by Sandy Gaye
"Time of the Season" by the Zombies
"I Gotcha" by Joe Tex
"These Boots Are Made for Walkin'" by Nancy Sinatra
"The Wild One" by Suzi Quatro
"Hush" by Deep Purple
"Car Wash" by Rose Royce
"Boys Keep Swinging" by David Bowie
"I Get Ideas" by Tony Martin
"Theme from A Summer Place" by Norrie Paramor and his Orchestra
"Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps", by Doris Day
"You're Such a Good Looking Woman" by Joe Dolan
"Smile" by Judy Garland
"Nightmares" by the J. Geils Band
"Gettin' Out" by the J. Geils Band
"Eternelle" by Brigitte Fontaine
"The Wizard" by Black Sabbath
"Sympathy for the Devil" by the Rolling Stones

These songs are kind of incidental in the movie, but nonetheless they'd make a kick-ass mixtape.


  1. OK... I really want to see this - mainly because I've always liked the character. Yes, even the old animated Cruella. And, adored Glenn Close. The trailers all make this look like fun. And, it should be all about entertainment, right? But, like you, haven't been into a movie theatre in about 19 months now. With the Delta rampant, it's not likely to happen any time soon. Thanks for the review! XOXO
    P.S. The music sounds terrific. And I have to thank you for the warning about the music over the credits - now I can make sure I'm out of earshot for that. That woman couldn't sing to save her life. Sorry.... xoxo

    1. Oh, the old animated Cruella was absolut camp. Glenn Close was perfect casting.
      And it is a fun romp. They did a good job.
      And I have not been either. Delta if fucking things up. Well, the unvaccinated idiots are.
      LOL one of my fav songs is Sweet Nothings. She's good in Dog Days Are Over, no?


    2. I do believe "Dog Days..." was the first one of her I ever heard. I said, "Oy! Turn it off, turn it off!" LOL. Please, give me Adele - now THAT girl could sing the fucking telephone book (if we still **had** telephone books!). XOXO

    3. Hahaha
      Yeah, Florence can be an acquired taste. I do love Sweet Nothings though.
      And Adele is fab. Gurl can SING!


  2. Well I guess I can do you!!!! But I don't think Manilla will part with that wig!!!

    I plan to see it . For all I cared it could have been just the two Emma's....with all that great fashion!!!!! I would be surprised if their will be a Oscar nomination for the designer. I think Emma did , from what I seen a great crazy stab at Cruella. My favorite real life performance of Curella was Victoria Smurtfit from once upon a time. She encapsulated the part to a T. But Emma's was a wonderful fresh take. It's one costume I did once and loved it. I think I featured it once on the blog. As you know....my go to spirit villain is Poison Ivy.

    1. Yay!
      And I KNOW Manila would not let me have that wig. That bitch.
      And the two Emmas go at each other with gusto. It's fun. The overall design is fantastic, really. And the Cruella in OUAT was great.
      And I hope you have pics of you as Cruella! I'm going to have to go troll your blog.
      And I could be Cruella and you Poison Ivy and we'd take over the town.


  3. We are also not up for going "out" to movies, and we are also not into streaming services, so we'll wait and see if it comes somewhere we can see it, or we won't.
    That said, Cruella was drag before you knew what drag was? Me, too! I loved, love, her, because she's quirky, mean, fabulous and funny. What's not to love.
    If you "do" Cruella, I need photos!!

    1. Oh, no 'out to the movies' for me either. At least not any time soon.
      And I think it's On Demand, somewhere, if you have cable. It'll also come out on DVD, I'm sure. It's money in the bank for Disney.
      And yes! She was always so over the TOP!
      And we'll have to wait and see. You know how talented Maddie is...


  4. If Maddie does you up, we need a YouTube video. I just have standard Disney+ in the Hulu bundle so I’ll have to wait a bit to see this. It looks like a fun romp. I’m not one who dissects movies, I go to be entertained, so this should fit the bill.

    I wanted to see A Quiet Place II. The tickets for a movie would have been about $20 for two, even with the senior discount, then you get the popcorn and soda so you’re now close to $40. Instead we went on Vudu and for $25 got a bundle with both parts I and II for about $25, and now I own it. I can make my own popcorn.

    XOXO 👨🏼‍❤️‍💋‍👨🏽

    1. Hahaha
      You're gonna make us influencers now?
      And I'm sure the standard Disney will have it soon. You think they're gonna miss the chance to show it more and have people buy more Cruella shit?
      And going to the movies has always been way too expensive. I always smuggle candy.


  5. I have Disney +, and it's streaming, and I have no interest. They should have ended her story when she ran off the road in the first movie.

    1. As they say....It's hard to keep a good bitch down darling.

    2. Dave, dear, you are not the demographic... but I thought you liked... Rock?


  6. I hope you ARE Cruella for Halloween and that you'll post lots of photos!

  7. Looking forward to seeing you as Cruella for Halloween. That would be wondrous. I will concur that that is a sweet playlist. It will definitely help me get through a workout. Glad you got to get together with some friends and enjoy a movie.

    1. Haha
      Yes, Mr. Shife! It was fun, actually. Pure popcorn fun.
      And the music actually surprised me. They should have spent a pretty penny with the rights. It would also make a fantastic workout playlist!


  8. Enjoyed the movie when I watched it back when it came out, the designs are amazin' & it'll get nominated for an Academy Award for sure. 👌🏻 Hope it gets an Oscar, though! 😏 Solid soundtrack, sure.

    I do like Manila too, I remember watching her season of RPDG, that was ages ago. 🤷‍♂️

    1. I enjoyed it too!
      And I agree with you. They'll probably get nominated for those designs. They're fantastic.
      And I love Manila. Naomi Smalls did a number on her, no?


  9. only a eye for Mark Strong??? sooo nice sexy guy!!!

  10. to be honest, all that stuff is wonderful. You can't really choose one cloth over another.

    1. I was surprised by the design.
      Really inventive and with the right nodes towards its inspiration.



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